Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dolly Wink in stock!

I tweeted this on my personal twitter on Sunday, but I went back to NAC Watsons today and took a picture to upload this time!

Back on Sunday, they had #1 in stock, but now it seems to have sold out. They didn't have #2 back then already. From what I saw, there was #3 through to #8.

The Dolly Wink shadow and mascara series is in too, as well as the glue, cases and pencil liners. I don't think there was brown, and there wasn't any stock for the liquid liner either.

The remaining stock will probably sell out soon so if you wanna buy it, hurry down soon! Also, some blogshop appears to be having a flea at Cathay this coming weekend for DW lashes too, so you might wanna check it out~

Also, I'll be doing a collective haul video of some stuff soon once I receive everything (online shopping FTW) and also link some of my regular shopping sites! Look forward to it~


Alice in Wonderland Tutorial! ふしぎの国のアリスメイクやり方!

Photo from ekiblog

Kimura Erika is a Japanese living in the US that I've been interested in lately! She does reviews of circles lenses on her YouTube channel as well as makeup tutorials for looks such as my favourite Tsuu-chan!


Her most recent video is a Halloween Makeup/Dressup tutorial on Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a largely popular character in Japan, especially in the fashion scene; I have several Alice accessories and stationery too~!


Above is the link to her blogpost on the Alice tutorial, as well as a giveaway of some Sigma brushes to her readers and subscribers!!! The brush set is super pretty and comes in a uber-cute box! Some of you may know that my absolute favourite colour, more than pink, is Tiffany blue (a.k.a. Robin's Egg blue), and the brush set is styled in that colour!!! I really want that brush set~~~

上はえりかさんのアリスちゃんメイクチュートリアルのブログポストリンク、そしてあそこで彼女はSigmaのブラッシュセットが読み者とサブスクライブーさん達に上げます!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ブラッシュセットが超キレイだし、ゲキカワの上箱に入れます!皆さんが知らないかもしれないけど、アタシのピンクより大大大大大〜好きの色はティファニーブルー、そんでそのブラッシュセットはそのティファニーブルーそうですよ!!!♡(幸)そのブラッシュセットは本当にホンットウに欲しいだよ〜〜〜

Anyway, you can click the picture and link above to visit her blog and look at her video tutorial, as well as the brush set and enter! She's also very pretty, and I bought the Fairydrops BB after seeing her use it in this tutorial~ (will do a post on it soon!)


Enjoy the tutorial and pictures!



Monday, October 24, 2011


I went to eat at LeVel33 today~! It's a restaurant on the 33rd level (duh) of a really tall building facing MBS.


The view was amazing, and the wind was exhilarating. The interior of the restaurant was great too, with ginormous beer brewery canister things everywhere. I took a picture of it and got my reflection haha~


I didn't put any effect on it except some slight colour adjustment. The photo was already vintagey brown because the brewmachinething was copper, and had rust stains on it which is where the texture effect comes from!


Meeeee~ posing with the signboard on the ground floor because 33 is for 33rd Student Council!!!


What I think is an artistic shot of my winged shirt (and wind-inflated puff skirt)!


Ending with an OOTD selca! White wing-print tshirt with a back Cecil McBee bow I pinned to the front (covered by my phone in this picture) + navy blue zigzag stripe high-waisted puff skirt (it's actually a dress, but I just tucked the upper part in which added to the puff effect of the skirt) + navy tights with silver glitter star print (from Tokyo; from my fashion socks collection!) + black jelly shoes with rhinestone&ribbon bow. Oh and stepspex~ No jewelry except for my diamond cross necklace and Agnes b. earrings which I never take off.

アタシの私服セルカよ〜ん☆白い翼プリントティシャツとセシルマックビーリボン(自分で付けました)+ネイビージッグザッグストライプディーテイルパフスカート(実はこれはドレスだけど、アタシはドレスの上が下のスカート分に入れた、ハイウェイストスカートになります!)+ネイビータイツ(銀色グリッター☆☆☆星プリント、東京に買いましたよ!)+黒ジェリーバレーフラッツ(ラインストーンとリボンディーテイル)。そしてニセ眼鏡です!ジュエリーはただのダイヤクロスネックレスとAgnes B.ピアスです。どっちもいつでも寝るも着てるからアクセジュエリーじゃないかもね。

I'll do a post about LeVel33 at she-glutton soon so keep your eyes peeled! I also have a few other foodstuffs coming up there when I stop procrastinating so keep checking back here and there~~



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pedicure + Macarons! マイネイルとマカロン!

I did my nails a few days ago when I was free! It's a pale pink OPI with hot pink upper halves (some random brand, not OPI), but the fourth toes are in purple. I then coated it with Canmake's black Crack Lac (OPI Shatter knockoff for cheaper), which kinds dissolved the half-dried hot pink and purple coats, making them less visible (you can see hints of it around the black shatter parts.
There is also a rhinestone on the fourth toe! I coated it with Canmake's Gel Volume Top Coat, but it doesn't seem very gel-like. I probably didn't use enough polish. I completed this in less than half an hour.


I went to Capella hotel for lunch yesterday! It's ginormous and beautiful, but we had Cantonese fine dining, which I'm not really fond of. See my review of Cassia, the restaurant we ate at, here at she-glutton!


The dessert was amazing though!!!


Free high-tea snacks for the guests!


The people we dined with bought me a box of Capella's specialty macarons!


Aren't they gorgeous?


I took out the macaron-holder and was left with this beautiful, clean, durable cardboard drawer box.


So I decided to use it to organise some of my makeup~!


Aren't I a genius? ;D


I also picked up my new glasses today!


It's Paul Frank this time~! Isn't the packaging adorable?

今度は「Paul Frank」です!はこ可愛いでそー??♡

The frames are ginormous! I'll do a proper picture another time~


Alrighty, that's it for tonight. Gotta shower and sleep!



Monday, October 17, 2011

Father's Birthday (again!) and Graduation! 父の誕生日と卒業式!

The other day, my family went to one of the most expensive Japanese Restaurants, Rakuichi (at Dempsey), to celebrate his birthday (for the umpteenth time!) with some of his staff! We occupied the private room, which was a sitting style (with a hidden hole in the ground for our legs because only the Japanese are capable of sitting kneeled for extended periods of time), which had a katana in it~!


They served us a complimentary strawberry+whipped cream dessert for his birthday, and one of the people we were dining with also bought a cherry-rum chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate!

Read my review and see photos at she-glutton!



And then, two days after that, I graduated! ALL the teachers even sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for us!

そして、二日の後で、アタシが卒業しました。。先生の皆も「Somewhere Over the Rainbow」を歌ってくれたわよ〜

Graduation polaroid INSTAX with my class! We only took one and I stole it promising to scan and upload it but I haven't yet HAHA! It's Rilakkuma~!


My tiny collection of Instax photos!


Went out with the sisters after graduation~~~! We watched Real Steel and had dinner at Din Tai Fung (where I ate like a total one one side dish for dinner because I don't like Chinese food..).

四姉妹が卒業式の後で遊びに行きましたぞー!「Real Steel」って名前映画を見に行きました。その後は中国風のレストラン晩ご飯を食べに行きました。中国料理は嫌いだからあんまり食べませんでしたね。。

And a graduation present (from myself) when I got home!!! My ASOS package arrived!


That's pretty much it~! There's another post coming right up!!



Thursday, October 13, 2011

iOS 5!!!

I stayed up late last night to download and install the iOS 5!!!


Also, I'm graduating today!!! It's been a long two years..


I can't wait for freedom!



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

佐々木 希 ヘアアレンジ Sasaki Nozomi Hairstyle

In my previous post, I blogged about Sasaki Nozomi's new single and the music video. In the music video, she wears a cute and colourful exercise-like outfit, and her hair is in two asymmetrical buns~!


If you want to learn how to do this cute hairstyle, the video below shows you exactly how to! You can choose whichever side you want the bun to be higher and just mirror it!


Maybe I'll try it too? But my hair is too short ;_;


Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy~


佐々木 希 「パペピプ♪パペピプ♪パペピプポ」

Sasaki Nozomi is one of my favourite models since her PINKY days~! When I heard she was releasing a single some time ago, I was super ultra excited and couldn't wait =^w^=


So finally, the MV is out~! It is also the current Anime OST for the popular Anime Beelzebub! It's called "Papepipu♪Papepipu♪Papepipupo"~


Isn't it a catchy song? And the dance is so cute and simple, I'll probably try to learn it~ ≥w≤


Nozomi is still so pretty~


I'm going for dinner at a famous Japanese restaurant in Singapore later so I'll probably blog about it here and at she-glutton soon! Please look forward to it~



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random stuff this weekend! 最近の色々!

As some of you may know, I live around the Holland area, and just yesterday, the Holland Village Circle Line Station (amongst various other Circle Line stations such as Farrer Park) finally opened! This means that I can get to school in two fewer stations than before now~!

To celebrate the opening of the new stage of Circle Line, and also the near-completion of the whole line, a carnival was held, and Holland Village was the chosen location! They set up a tentage and stage, and were having a concert from 6pm to 10pm yesterday.


There was this super-long queue as long as the whole station inside, and my mother and I were wondering was it was so we traced it to the front and saw that the typically kiasu Singaporeans were queueing for free vouchers. -_-


Anyway, this was yesterday's dinner! Black Pepper Crab at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Dempsey! For the full rave review, click here to read my other blog!


My lunch's dessert earlier! Strawberry Shortcake from Canele~! Click for review!


The dessert I actually wanted to eat at Watami- creme brulee. Review of Watami here!


Saw the Fruits Paradise display and took pictures to complete my review for she-glutton! Can you tell which is the wax display model and which is the real tarts?

ANS: The fake ones are in the first picture!!!



Saw this pair of abandoned Chanel sunglasses! Was so tempted to steal it tehe~~ But I didn't, of course..


I also transferred the hair wax sample from ViVi magazine to a container for easier usage! It smells really good, but I haven't tried it yet, so I will soon and blog about it!


Alrighty, that's it for today. I have mock exams tomorrow (GP in the morning! ;_;) so I need to shower and sleep soon~