Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Tutorial! ふしぎの国のアリスメイクやり方!

Photo from ekiblog

Kimura Erika is a Japanese living in the US that I've been interested in lately! She does reviews of circles lenses on her YouTube channel as well as makeup tutorials for looks such as my favourite Tsuu-chan!


Her most recent video is a Halloween Makeup/Dressup tutorial on Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a largely popular character in Japan, especially in the fashion scene; I have several Alice accessories and stationery too~!


Above is the link to her blogpost on the Alice tutorial, as well as a giveaway of some Sigma brushes to her readers and subscribers!!! The brush set is super pretty and comes in a uber-cute box! Some of you may know that my absolute favourite colour, more than pink, is Tiffany blue (a.k.a. Robin's Egg blue), and the brush set is styled in that colour!!! I really want that brush set~~~

上はえりかさんのアリスちゃんメイクチュートリアルのブログポストリンク、そしてあそこで彼女はSigmaのブラッシュセットが読み者とサブスクライブーさん達に上げます!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ブラッシュセットが超キレイだし、ゲキカワの上箱に入れます!皆さんが知らないかもしれないけど、アタシのピンクより大大大大大〜好きの色はティファニーブルー、そんでそのブラッシュセットはそのティファニーブルーそうですよ!!!♡(幸)そのブラッシュセットは本当にホンットウに欲しいだよ〜〜〜

Anyway, you can click the picture and link above to visit her blog and look at her video tutorial, as well as the brush set and enter! She's also very pretty, and I bought the Fairydrops BB after seeing her use it in this tutorial~ (will do a post on it soon!)


Enjoy the tutorial and pictures!



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