Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Autumn" has arrived..

Singapore's "autumn" has come!
While we do not have the four seasons here on the equator, the leaves of the trees have cyclically started shedding- telltale signs of the "autumn" of Singapore arriving.


I took this in my neighbourhood while walking out to meet my best friend nearby for lunch (I missed school today~). The leaves have literally carpeted the ground.


I went to Holland Village to eat at Everything with Fries with my friend. For a more detailed look at what I ate and a review of the place in general, head over to my food-review blog, she-glutton. Click here to go directly to the post about Everything with Fries.

先親友と会えた、「Everything with Fries」に食べて行きました。違うの高校に入りましたからあんまり会えないし、久しぶり一緒に出かけてなかったです。今日会えた超楽しかったよ!食べ物の事もっと知りたいならアタシの別のブログに行ってくれ〜!全部は英語で書きましたけれど。。

Also, I discovered a few surprising things at Holland Village today! They sell China Glaze polishes, including the one I've wanted badly since I saw swatches online- For Audrey (as in Hepburn, of the famous "Breakfast at Tiffany's", because it's a Tiffany Blue colour- my absolute favourite colour!!!), at Watsons!!

Another pleasant find- Lush bath products in a hidden leather accessories shop on the second level of the HV Shopping Centre (Cold Storage building)! I never knew they sold Lush products in Singapore, and I thought that the coming-soon Lush store (to Wisma, I believe) would be the only one. Surprisingly, while walking around with my friend, we found that half of this shop was dedicated to bath bombs, solid soap bars, moisturisers, lip balms, and their famous bath bombs! I'm not a die-hard Lush fan, but it's still nice to know that their products are now available near my house should I ever need them. Unfortunately, my friend, who is a Lush-user, said that the products were quite expensive compared to the retail prices overseas.

色んなビューティー小物が意外と見つけたぞ!「China Glaze」のネイルポリッシュを見つけた、そして「Lush」のシャワーアイテムも見ました!アタシは10年この近所に住みましたなのに、こんなのは全然知らなかったよ。まぁ、今知ってますからいつでもそこで簡単に買いますよ〜☆

Tomorrow's gonna be a long day at school 。(´д`lll) , so that's it for today~


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