Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn Hokkaido Fair 秋の北海道フェア

As I said previously, autumn is here, as is in Japan. Takashimaya Department Store (at Ngee Ann City) is having an Autumn Hokkaido Fair in their food department (B2), way in the back behind Godiva and near Cold Storage.


There is a range of food sold there, from typical roll cakes in various flavours, including their signature Green Tea, to ramen cooked on the spot and sashimi bentos (refer to picture above). THEY ARE ALSO SELLING THE AMAZING SHIROI KOIBITO (Hokkaido White Chocolate sandwich biscuit) THERE!!!


They're also selling dango! They have Mitarashi (sweet soy sauce), Azuki (red bean) and Kurogoma (black sesame)! I used to eat Takashimaya's dango all the time and I love it! It's $2.50 for a stick of 4 now (used to be $1.80 ;_; inflation hurts)..


And this is...


Choux Creme! I'd never had choux creme ever in my life before, although my mom was a loyal customer at this store back in Sunshine City Ikebukuro, where she would buy some everyday. However, today, as I was walking around the fair, the smell of the freshly baked pastries was so strong and could be detected everywhere I went, so I finally gave in and got one Choux Creme with Caramel cream for $6 (pricey!!!).


The Choux Creme was heavenly. The pastry part itself literally melted in my mouth, as did the super-light caramel cream. I don't really like whipped cream, yet this one was amazing, probably because it was caramel-flavoured. Although the cream was ultra-light and not too thick, it was not in the least foamy and melted only in my mouth, and not when exposed to the warm temperature of this island.

Unfortunately, with its maiden taste, I conclude my Choux Creme adventures because I discovered that I'm allergic to some ingredient in it (not sure what), as I began breaking out in a burning rash after eating it (I hadn't eaten anything else all day so it was definitely the Choux Creme ;_;).



Anyway, this is the friendly Japanese patissiere who was swiftly making all the Choux Cremes and piping the filling. As I stood there taking photos, he actually turned towards me and posed! Sadly, iPhone camera has a little lag time in between shots, and I missed his cute pose.


The fair ends in two days' time on the 9th of October, so if you wanna head down and grab some stuff (LIKE SHIROI KOIBITO), I advise you to hurry!

There is also a mini Japanese confectionary fair in Wisma Atria (first level, in front of the concierge), but I didn't try anything..

After this, there will be another post on some pastries I bought at Takashimaya today, as well as some other things!



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