Tuesday, October 11, 2011

佐々木 希 「パペピプ♪パペピプ♪パペピプポ」

Sasaki Nozomi is one of my favourite models since her PINKY days~! When I heard she was releasing a single some time ago, I was super ultra excited and couldn't wait =^w^=


So finally, the MV is out~! It is also the current Anime OST for the popular Anime Beelzebub! It's called "Papepipu♪Papepipu♪Papepipupo"~


Isn't it a catchy song? And the dance is so cute and simple, I'll probably try to learn it~ ≥w≤


Nozomi is still so pretty~


I'm going for dinner at a famous Japanese restaurant in Singapore later so I'll probably blog about it here and at she-glutton soon! Please look forward to it~



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