Monday, October 24, 2011


I went to eat at LeVel33 today~! It's a restaurant on the 33rd level (duh) of a really tall building facing MBS.


The view was amazing, and the wind was exhilarating. The interior of the restaurant was great too, with ginormous beer brewery canister things everywhere. I took a picture of it and got my reflection haha~


I didn't put any effect on it except some slight colour adjustment. The photo was already vintagey brown because the brewmachinething was copper, and had rust stains on it which is where the texture effect comes from!


Meeeee~ posing with the signboard on the ground floor because 33 is for 33rd Student Council!!!


What I think is an artistic shot of my winged shirt (and wind-inflated puff skirt)!


Ending with an OOTD selca! White wing-print tshirt with a back Cecil McBee bow I pinned to the front (covered by my phone in this picture) + navy blue zigzag stripe high-waisted puff skirt (it's actually a dress, but I just tucked the upper part in which added to the puff effect of the skirt) + navy tights with silver glitter star print (from Tokyo; from my fashion socks collection!) + black jelly shoes with rhinestone&ribbon bow. Oh and stepspex~ No jewelry except for my diamond cross necklace and Agnes b. earrings which I never take off.

アタシの私服セルカよ〜ん☆白い翼プリントティシャツとセシルマックビーリボン(自分で付けました)+ネイビージッグザッグストライプディーテイルパフスカート(実はこれはドレスだけど、アタシはドレスの上が下のスカート分に入れた、ハイウェイストスカートになります!)+ネイビータイツ(銀色グリッター☆☆☆星プリント、東京に買いましたよ!)+黒ジェリーバレーフラッツ(ラインストーンとリボンディーテイル)。そしてニセ眼鏡です!ジュエリーはただのダイヤクロスネックレスとAgnes B.ピアスです。どっちもいつでも寝るも着てるからアクセジュエリーじゃないかもね。

I'll do a post about LeVel33 at she-glutton soon so keep your eyes peeled! I also have a few other foodstuffs coming up there when I stop procrastinating so keep checking back here and there~~



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