Friday, October 7, 2011

Cake and Magazines~! ケーキと雑誌〜!

At the Takashimaya food department today, I also got a Strawberry Shortcake and "Omelette" (Banana Cream Crepe) at Rive Gauche Patisserie~!


I suppose the crepe was named the "Omelette" because the outside looks like one!
Read a full review of Rive Gauche at my food-review blog, she-glutton (click)!


They also had this uber-cute "Sweet Bear" chocolate mousse dessert that's being specially offered for Takashimaya's 18th Anniversary celebration. It costs $5.80, but is really cute and would probably make a nice gift~!


I also went to Kinokuniya to get a few magazines to read. This is Popteen, a popular magazine in Japan for Gyaru (Gal) fashion, one of the major styles amongst teenage girls. ^^ I'm interested in Gyaru fashion as well~


The other magazine I got was ViVi, which is quite a well-known magazine even amongst non-Japanese. I got it because I used to get it and it's more suited to my style than Gyaru is!


This is one of the free gifts that came with ViVi, a sample of Mod's Hair Inner Glamour "Torokeru Wax" which translates to something like melty/liquidy wax I believe? I don't really know how to express it in English hehe~


Japanese magazines often come with freebies/GWPs (gift-with-purchase) called "furoku" that can be of pretty high-quality! Many times, I buy these magazines just for the furoku because I feel that it's extremely worth my money with that quality~! =^3^=

This is a page from the ViVi issue I just bought, showing my latest fashion obsession- collars! I have quite a collection of fashion collars already, and I'm planning to do another fashion post sometime soon, on my collar collection~!
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I will return with more interesting posts, so please keep following this blog~!


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