Sunday, October 2, 2011

Contact Lens Organiser

I wear daily disposable contact lenses, and each eye has a different power. I usually keep my two boxes of disposable lenses (one for each eye) on my dresser, stacked on top of each other.

On mornings when I oversleep (which is almost every day), I have less than half-an-hour to brush my teeth, wash my face, pick my outfit, change, wear my lenses, put on my makeup (usually Sunday mornings, not school days- I wear my spex to school) and get out of the house. With how my contact lens boxes are stacked up and the little capsules attached to each other, it's kind of hard to grab and go, especially when I'm in a rush.

In view of that, especially after this morning's rush (again), I have found a way to organise my lenses!!

This is a box from one of the snacks I always eat (Couque D'asses, a white chocolate sandwich biscuit), which comes with a plastic tray that has been divided into two compartments for the biscuits (it's clean; the biscuits are all individually wrapped).

I labelled the underside of the cardboard cover with MUJI marker pens, stating the side of the eye and the degree for further clarity. In the left compartment, I put the lenses for my left eye, and the corresponding for the right. I also detached a few capsules of lenses and put it at the top of the pile to make it easier to grab in future.

Hopefully this will help me from now on! ☆

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