Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dolly Wink in stock!

I tweeted this on my personal twitter on Sunday, but I went back to NAC Watsons today and took a picture to upload this time!

Back on Sunday, they had #1 in stock, but now it seems to have sold out. They didn't have #2 back then already. From what I saw, there was #3 through to #8.

The Dolly Wink shadow and mascara series is in too, as well as the glue, cases and pencil liners. I don't think there was brown, and there wasn't any stock for the liquid liner either.

The remaining stock will probably sell out soon so if you wanna buy it, hurry down soon! Also, some blogshop appears to be having a flea at Cathay this coming weekend for DW lashes too, so you might wanna check it out~

Also, I'll be doing a collective haul video of some stuff soon once I receive everything (online shopping FTW) and also link some of my regular shopping sites! Look forward to it~


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