Monday, October 17, 2011

Father's Birthday (again!) and Graduation! 父の誕生日と卒業式!

The other day, my family went to one of the most expensive Japanese Restaurants, Rakuichi (at Dempsey), to celebrate his birthday (for the umpteenth time!) with some of his staff! We occupied the private room, which was a sitting style (with a hidden hole in the ground for our legs because only the Japanese are capable of sitting kneeled for extended periods of time), which had a katana in it~!


They served us a complimentary strawberry+whipped cream dessert for his birthday, and one of the people we were dining with also bought a cherry-rum chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate!

Read my review and see photos at she-glutton!



And then, two days after that, I graduated! ALL the teachers even sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for us!

そして、二日の後で、アタシが卒業しました。。先生の皆も「Somewhere Over the Rainbow」を歌ってくれたわよ〜

Graduation polaroid INSTAX with my class! We only took one and I stole it promising to scan and upload it but I haven't yet HAHA! It's Rilakkuma~!


My tiny collection of Instax photos!


Went out with the sisters after graduation~~~! We watched Real Steel and had dinner at Din Tai Fung (where I ate like a total one one side dish for dinner because I don't like Chinese food..).

四姉妹が卒業式の後で遊びに行きましたぞー!「Real Steel」って名前映画を見に行きました。その後は中国風のレストラン晩ご飯を食べに行きました。中国料理は嫌いだからあんまり食べませんでしたね。。

And a graduation present (from myself) when I got home!!! My ASOS package arrived!


That's pretty much it~! There's another post coming right up!!



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