Sunday, October 2, 2011

Makeup Haul!

A few weeks ago, I lined up some of my makeup and took a picture of it for fun. Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually have a lot of makeup.

This weekend, I did a little shopping and hauled some makeup!! I proceeded to move most of my stuff from my dresser's drawer to a clear box (excluding all my lip stuff cos it smells sickly sweet so I don't wanna spread the smell).

So this post is a haul post, and I'll briefly run through what I bought this weekend!

Firstly, this is the Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP (waterproof). I'm an Ettusais member, so I frequently get brochures from them in the mail whenever they launch new products, and this is October's product. They were offering a deal that if you spend $80, and one of the purchases is this liner, you get a free Speedy Eye Make Off (below left) sample, which I decided I wanted.

With a bill of $80, you also get the Acne Skin Version Up Extra (above center), Aqua Shooter Extra (above right), and Acne Gentle Wash (below) samples. It also comes with a makeup pouch (you have three designs to choose from) which I don't really like so I just chucked it somewhere.

The liquid liner was $25, and I actually don't really like it. I have monolids (but my friend insists they're double eyelids, just that the crease is REALLY low and hooded), so basically all liquid liners are impossible for me, so I may just give this to my mom, or use it to fill the gaps between my lashes that pencil liners can't reach.

To top up my bill, I also got the Zero Pore Coat, which is basically a clear, waxy primer to mattify the face and reduce appearance of pores. I haven't tried this, but maybe I'll post more about it when I do.

I also got this Aqua Splash spray that apparently mattifies the face (with the powder in the bottle) and can be sprayed beneath or on top of makeup, and for touch-ups in the middle of the day. I haven't properly tried it yet, but I've put it in my pouch to bring to school so I'll see how it fares.

Also, because I got enough stamps on my Ettusais point card thingy, I was able to redeem my Beauty Bonus, which was this Acne Whitening UV EX Oil Block, which is essentially a sunscreen that apparently works as a primer too, and fades scars and whitens skin etc. etc. Nope, I haven't tried it yet either.
That's it for Ettusais (FYI, BHG is offering a 10% rebate for I-have-no-idea-how-long, so I got a voucher back to use there again).

From the Body Shop, I bought the Moisture White Shiso BB Cream ($32.90), and got a 20% off with my mother's membership card. I've only tested it in the store so far, but it matched my skin tone rather well, and according to the Sales Assistant, it will whiten your complexion to one shade lighter (I dunno if she means in the long run, or when you put it on).
I also bought a blending shadow brush ($20 odd, I believe, but there's a 35% discount on it) to reach $30 (because it was $26 odd with the 20% discount) to get my mom a stamp, which I don't have a picture of because it's just a brush.

From Topshop, I got this cream shadow ($16) that I've been eyeing for about a month now. It's called Darkness, a shimmery metallic almost-black shade. I tested some of it on the back of my hand earlier, and the cream is quite thick, colour quite pigmented, and VERY long-lasting. I blended it out to thin the colour, then washed my hands and scrubbed at it but I can still see the blackness on my hand, as well as a bit of the sparkle.

Also from Topshop, I got a mono eyeshadow in Leather ($13). I've been looking for a cheap, matte, chocolatey brown shadow for quite some time now, and I found this about a month ago and was considering it. It's a bit more of a greyish than reddish brown, which is fine with me. And because Murphy hates me so much, I found a cheap Silkygirl brown palette minutes after buying this, with the exact shade I wanted and a few other nice browns too. I may get it in future, when I have money again.
I also got a liner/flat shadow brush for the cream shadow for $6 (like one third the price of Body Shop's) at Topshop.

I love Japanese cosmetics, and hence I love Watsons, because it carries so many Japanese makeup brands. From Watsons, I got this Canmake Highlighter in Baby Beige ($14 odd). I was almost going to get the Milky White one because I thought that was the only shade, then I saw this, thank goodness. This is a lot less harsh because it's closer to skin-colour, so I opted for this.

Also from Watsons, I got the Majolica Majorca (my favourite brand!) Puff de Cheek Macaron blush in PK301 (can't remember how much, but it was in the low $20s). I fell in love with this for the visuals like months ago when the collection was first announced in Japan, but never got around to buying it because I don't really use blushes, and probably hardly ever will, even with this. I contemplated buying it so many times because it was so cute, but I reasoned that it'd be a waste of money since I wouldn't use it. Today, I finally gave in. I probably will never finish using this. Ever.

Also from Majolica Majorca, and also from the same collection as the Macaron blush, I got this Cream Pencil Liner ($???) in brown, because I've been looking for a non-shimmer brown liner for ages and this one seemed fine. I swatched it on the back of my hand earlier and is still here, even after so much scrubbing and hand-washing, so it's pretty long-lasting, I suppose.

Not really makeup, but also from Watsons and Canmake, I got the Gel Volume Top Coat ($18+?) which I've planned to get for years, as well as the Crack Lac Nail ($14.90) in black!!! I didn't actually intend to get it, because I didn't know it existed. I was planning to get OPI's Black Shatter anyway, so when I saw this for half the price, I immediately grabbed it (and stopped myself from hauling like 3 bottles). I haven't tried it because I have school, so I can't swatch on my fingernails, and my toenails are just... never mind. Once I get a bright turquoise nail polish, I'll do my toenails and write a post about both of these nail products!

Lastly, I got this from Muji. It's a pack of Cleansing Cotton Buds ($3.90), that I originally scoured DAISO for but couldn't find. I was a little unsure about the Muji one since it just said Cleansing and nothing about makeup in English, but thankfully I'm fluent in Japanese, so I read the description, which did say it was for cleaning makeup.
Sometimes when I line my eyes, I get product on my lashes, and if I don't wear mascara, it will smudge onto the area around my eyes after some time. This happened when I was out with my friends one day, and I had to go and "test" makeup remover in Takashimaya's cosmetics department to clean up the smudges. I was looking for a makeup remover pen, but couldn't find one, so when I heard about the existence of these from some unknown source, I immediately set out to look for it (source said it was from DAISO, but couldn't find it). I stumbled across it in Muji while looking for storage containers for my makeup, and quickly got one pack of it.
It's quite pricey at $3.90 for 10 swabs (i.e. one swab is 40cents!!!!!), but I definitely need it. I've taken two out to carry along with me when I wear makeup out for emergency situations, so I'll review it when I get a chance to use it.

Just for fun, this is my Cher Shore clear pouch (which I got from some magazine alone with the matching A4 tote bag) that I've packed for school. Inside is just lots of tissue (because I always end up having to run/speedwalk to school and thus sweat buckets), wet tissue, Ettusais oil blotting papers, a rollerball version of my perfume, an empty Urban Decay compact (for the mirror), as well as the newly-purchased Ettusais Aqua Splash, which I will try to use this week.

My haul today actually wasn't random, because I have this long shopping list of makeup products that I've had for ages, so the stuff here is just stuff I've needed for months. I still have a few more things I had intended to get, but didn't have the time to (with exception of the Ettusais stuff which I got on Friday, I ran around Wheelock and Ion to get the rest of the stuff in less than 50 minutes).

What I still need is just two powders (from MAC- can't decide whether to only get one or both), a bronzer, and an Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner (or a better substitute). The rest are just tools, like a kabuki brush, eyelash curler, and false lashes for prom.

To be honest, most of the makeup I got I'm not going to use for my everyday going-out looks. It's mainly for events, like prom etc., cos I don't actually use that much makeup usually. My normal look consists of mattifying powder (Ettusais and/or UD), eyeliner (black and bronze, and silver-gold for the inner corners) and lipstain (which fades within an hour anyway). I don't even wear mascara often because it's so hard to take off.

I hope I'll eventually get down to reviewing the stuff I bought, as well as my usually products if anybody's interested.
Shopping makes me happy, but it just dawned upon me that after this haul, I'm broke. Oh dear.

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