Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pedicure + Macarons! マイネイルとマカロン!

I did my nails a few days ago when I was free! It's a pale pink OPI with hot pink upper halves (some random brand, not OPI), but the fourth toes are in purple. I then coated it with Canmake's black Crack Lac (OPI Shatter knockoff for cheaper), which kinds dissolved the half-dried hot pink and purple coats, making them less visible (you can see hints of it around the black shatter parts.
There is also a rhinestone on the fourth toe! I coated it with Canmake's Gel Volume Top Coat, but it doesn't seem very gel-like. I probably didn't use enough polish. I completed this in less than half an hour.


I went to Capella hotel for lunch yesterday! It's ginormous and beautiful, but we had Cantonese fine dining, which I'm not really fond of. See my review of Cassia, the restaurant we ate at, here at she-glutton!


The dessert was amazing though!!!


Free high-tea snacks for the guests!


The people we dined with bought me a box of Capella's specialty macarons!


Aren't they gorgeous?


I took out the macaron-holder and was left with this beautiful, clean, durable cardboard drawer box.


So I decided to use it to organise some of my makeup~!


Aren't I a genius? ;D


I also picked up my new glasses today!


It's Paul Frank this time~! Isn't the packaging adorable?

今度は「Paul Frank」です!はこ可愛いでそー??♡

The frames are ginormous! I'll do a proper picture another time~


Alrighty, that's it for tonight. Gotta shower and sleep!



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