Monday, October 3, 2011

Pink for school!

It's free period in school now so I decided to blog about my cute pink things!

These are my Sony Headphones in baby pink. I added colourful star stickers and two rhinestones to it to make it cuter~

My hot pink Kitson pencil case! I got this free with a Japanese magazine (also came with a matching lunchbox bag). Kitson is a brand popular with western celebrities, especially their tote bags. I also have a gold Kitson pouch+mirror set I got in Tokyo with another magazine.
アタシはこんなフロクが大好き!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Pink stationery! Mechanical pencil, mild series highlighter, deco pen and Muji marker from Tokyo (I can't find it in Singapore ;_;)! I used the deco pen to draw on my phone's screen protector.

This pink Nike bottle actually isn't mine. I borrowed it from my mom last year and never returned it. ♪(´ε` )

My hot pink leather Samantha Thavasa accordion wallet! My friend helped me to get this from Tokyo last year, way before the Samantha series arrived in Singapore, so nobody else here has this! ♡ It has a lovely warm flower-print lining.


My pink iPhone case+deco! I had to borrow my friend's phone to take these pictures cos I use my phone camera! The foil sticker on the case has gotten quite scratched ( ;´Д`) but it's fine... The scuffed pink melty design at the bottom of the screen protector was drawn by me with the pink deco pen earlier in this post.

Lastly, my pink/white ヘアー・アクセ (hair accessory)! The two white cubes have hearts and "Coach Poppy" printed on them. Also another 雑誌フロク (magazine GWP) that came in a set of 3 (one other translucent plum glitter version with white print, and a plain fuchsia glitter version).

That's it for today's school life! Two more lessons before school ends~~~


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