Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fashion Collars 付け衿

Some time ago, I said that I would do an entry dedicated to one of my latest fashion obsessions, Fashion Collars. The above image is a page from one of my favourite (Japanese) fashion magazines, ViVi. The spread shows Kinoshita Yukina (she was one of the regular Pinky models alongside Sasaki Nozomi) sporting many fashion styles, and wearing a fashion collar in every outfit.

A fashion collar, also known as 付け衿 (tsuke-eri) in Japanese, is basically a collar without a shirt. You can wear it with t-shirts and even shirts with collars already.

I got my first tsuke-eri many many years back from an online seller (not a blogshop or online store or ebay), and ever since then have been looking for more, to no avail in Singapore. As such, most of my collars are bought online and I only have a modest 5 collars in my tiny collection.

I actually saw a few more collars I could have gotten online, but the designs didn't really appeal to me, so I haven't gotten them yet. If any of you know where I can get more, please let me know so I can go and browse!!!

今日のポストは付け衿について。アタシは付け衿が超可愛いと思いますし、ちょっとミニコレクションがあるね。上の写真は付け衿フィーチャーのViViのページです。 アタシは昔々もう付け衿を好きだったよ、初付け衿は中学の時買いましたです!でもね、シンガポールはこんな日本っぽくファッションが売りませんからアタシのコレクションはまだ小ちゃい。アタシの付け衿コレは全部ネットで買いましたです。

Anyway, this is a picture of my 5 collars. The first two that I got are the largest ones- the crochet black and crochet white collars. They are considerably thicker than the other three, and can be worn with many other fabrics.


These are the crochet collars. I don't think the photos came out very well, but if you can see, the white one has 2 doily-like layers, while the black one has 3. The white one can be fastened with the buttons on it or tied with the velvet ribbon threaded through it, while the black one doesn't have buttons and can only be tied.


Next is this velveteen black collar with white crochet lace trimming (which can't be seen because the flash overexposed it!!! >m<). I actually got this with the ViVi magazineas a GWP (furoku). It was a collaboration between the popular Japanese brand MURUA and ViVi magazine. I quite like MURUA's clothes, but I'm too poor to afford most of their items.

This collar can be buttoned and is most alike a normal shirt collar, and is very comfortable~ I actually bought the magazine mainly because I wanted this! I wore this recently with a grey pleated silk shirt.

これはベルベットのMURUAxViVi付け衿です。最近の刊行のフロクでした!アタシはこのフロクのために、雑誌を買った。\^◊^''' MURUAが大好きだからね。

Next is this sequined Peter Pan collar. This was the most expensive of all my collars I believe, but still much cheaper than the beautiful ones from the Japanese designers. You can click the image to zoom in on the sequin detail. I just wore this yesterday, with an off-shoulder sweater (with a huge "B" for Bethany printed on it~). Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the outfit. ;_;


I got this beaded collar on sale for only $13!!! It was originally over $40 but I snagged it when the price was slashed! ♡ It comes with a beaded 'pom-pom' to fasten, although one side looks really loose and like it may snap any time. Maybe that's why it was on sale. >m< Oh well, nothing a little super glue can't fix.

最後はこのビーズの付け衿これはセール時超安かった時買いましたーーー!☆ カワイイビーズポンポンのリボンディーテイルもあってね。でもつぶれるになりそうです。。(涙)だから安物ね。。(泣)(泣)(泣)

That's about it for my modest tsuke-eri collection. I aim to expand it, of course, hopefully with nicer (pricier >m<) ones from Japanese designers too. I wanted to post photos of each one being worn but I don't have existing shots, and I don't have enough time aside from stuffing my face in Econs and History notes to dress up and camwhore.


My next post is going to be about my online haul which was supposed to arrive today, but hasn't. It'll probably (I PRAY) come tomorrow, so I'll see if I have time to do a quick haul entry. ^^v

とにかく、次のポストはネットでいっぱい買いましたの買い物についてポストです!正直で、全部の買い物は今日アタシの家に来るつもりだったのに、なんでって分からないけど、1つも来なかった。不思議だよね。。アタシもう待てないわー!恐らく明日なら着ますね。そう望んでるです〜〜!来たら時間あったら、きっとあしたすぐポストしますね!短いなポストになれそうけどね。勉強しなきゃから。。(汗)今回のポストも中途半端そうで本当にすみませんでした。日本語ももっとヘタクなった。。m(_  _)m



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