Friday, November 11, 2011

Finally: The Online Haul post!!!

So last month I bought some stuff online, and some arrived as early as 3 days after, and some took 3 weeks D:


Starting with the first package! I actually only bought the lipstick, and they sent me the powder as a free gift! I like this site because they have bases in different countries, so my package was dispatched from Singapore and it arrived the next working day!!! (Y)


YSL Rouge Volupte in 01 Nude Beige. I got this because I saw many swatches online and it was really pretty! According to Popteen, YSL RV is also one of the most popular lip products amongst Gyarus!

Even though it's called beige, it's actually very pink~! I'm not a reviewist, but if I had to give a comment, it's VERY emollient and pigmented, but I don't really like the scent. The scent disappears quickly, though, so that's good.



The freebie, which I still haven't opened. I'll prolly give this away!


The second package! This one was registered mail, so it came to the door, but it took more than a week despite being from the nearby Hong Kong. It should have arrived earlier than it did, but the postman was lazy and didn't deliver it on time (that's what the website says).


I always wanted to try gel liner, but found having to use a brush way too troublesome, so I never did. Then I discovered Integrate's Kira Wink Gel Pencil Liner!!! A gel liner in pencil form! So I got it! And it's quite affordable too~

It's extremely black and glides on really easily, but I hate the twist-up mechanism because I already broke and lost 2cm of product!!! D:



Another Integrate product, 'cos it's not available in Singapore. It's a loose blush that I got chiefly because it's in the same packaging as the Ettusais Platinum Star Powder that I have and will forever regret not getting (it's Limited Edition and they don't sell it anymore)! Haven't tried it yet, but the puff is supersoft!


And I got Dolly Wink #1 and #5! I can get them in Singapore but it's so much cheaper online!


This is Clarins' Smooth Crystal Balm in 02 Crystal. I saw this on some blog somewhere and fell in love with it but it's Limited Edition and I don't think it's available in Singapore, so when I found it online for a reasonable price and free shipping, I snapped it up! Thank goodness, because it sold out for good a few days after that! It glides on pretty emollient, but it dries very quickly ¬_¬. It smells great, though- kinda berry-ish, but tastes horrid.


ASOS package #tenmillion! I got a cheap neon brush set!


As well as this bangle set, which was on some insane sale for a fraction of the original price!!! I don't like the orange and yellow bangles, but the two black ones are really pretty!


And lastly, I got the famous Naked Palette!!! This goes for pretty expensive outside the US, but with a discount code I ninja-ed from the world wide web, I got it for cheaper!!! I'm not gonna swatch it or anything 'cos there are millions of those online already.

最後はこのNaked Paletteです!!アメリカの外で超高いだけど、ネットでディスカウントコードゲットから安く買った!スァッチとかしません、もうネットでいっぱいあるからね。

That's about it. It's not a lot, it's just that I bought it all from different sites so it seemed like a lot of packages of stuff, when each package only had one or two things. I actually have one more package coming that I just got this week, but I'm not gonna wait for that. And it comprises presents for people so I'm not gonna blog about them and ruin the surprise~


That aside, I've finished the first week of 'A's! Rejoice! Only 11 more days to freedom~! So far, I've completed GP and Math, half-done with History and more than half done with CLB. GP went... pleasingly, and now it only depends on whether the examiner thinks my essay was too abstract or not. Math was fantastic- as long as I didn't do anything incredibly stupid like not write my name or the question numbers or make some outrageous careless mistake, I can probably secure an A. CLB was the easiest of all my CLB papers in JC, thank goodness. History. was. hell.


I don't have much time to spend online and blog for another 11 days, but rest assured that there will be a LOT, including the activation of my YouTube channel after that! (Hint: there's gonna be one about my hair!!!)


I can't wait for this all to end! My post-'A's schedule is already filling up, and I need to get a job and study for SATs too (urgh more studying).


Ok, to quote my college song, "TIME IS RUNNING FAST AWAY"- I shall study. Or rest so I can study more tomorrow. Good night!



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