Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just an update~☆

Hellow~ I feel like it's been ages since I last blogged, but it was just last Friday. 'A's are ending in less than two days now, and I can't wait to start living again!!!


Today, I wore my MURUAxViVi tsuke-eri with my ASOS 'B' initial sweater and some random shirt under, with black shorts and sheer black argyle-stipe tights (from Osaka). My black rhinestone-ribbon jelly flats broke some time back so I had no choice but to wear my black suede 4"s from Tokyo cos everything else doesn't match. :'''(


This was the sunset sky from my room a few days ago, which I adjusted and added an effect to. I used this as my lockscreen wallpaper until a few days ago, when I switched back to my pre-promos "YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING" wallpaper (which has little effect).


I saw this pastel pink car last Sunday on the way home! Isn't cute~?


After that, I met the Sistas4lyf, who came all the way down to HV Wendy's (;D) to study. Forced myself to read Wuthering Heights for the first time ever cos the next morning was P1 Lit 'A's.


Remember the pancake mix for my okonomi-dama? My mom banned me from the rice cooker (amongst basically everything else in the kitchen ;_;) so I had quite a bit of the mix left over. She banished me to the frying pan, so I decided to try my hand at frying again (I burnt the same pancake mix to a char last year) and ended up with the same tragic result. You can't tell from above because I put the most presentable one on top to hide the burnt remains beneath, but it was pretty bad.


Thankfully, after much burning, my second try went slightly better and it wasn't as bad to consume! I don't really like the taste of this pancake mix though. I wanna try Morinaga's Hotcake mix!!!


Also, one of my father's acquaintances baked our family an amazing chocolate cake!!! It tastes like Lana cake (my absolute favourite, besides Strawberry Shortcake and CARAMEL RAINBOW CAKE о(ж>▽<)y ☆) but slightly moister I think? I finished like 3/4 of the cake and my parents barely got any haha.


That's about it for a minor update~ I've been neglecting she-glutton for awhile so I'll attempt to get down to all the overdue reviews after Tuesday! Can't wait for freedom~~~




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