Friday, May 11, 2012

Where have I disappeared to?

For the first time in a long time, this will be a more word-based and English post than photo-oriented (with exception of the obligatory selca above) with Japanese translations. Well, for the first in a long time, this will actually be a blog post.

I haven't uploaded anything here since last year, before my birthday. I actually did edit all the photos for a birthday post, but never got around to doing it and doing it now would just be meaningless, right?

A lot of things have changed, and many things have happened in the past 5 months. The biggest thing would probably be my next stage in life- University.

The 'A'-level results came out in early March, and as expected, I didn't do spectacularly, but my results certainly were a miracle, given the amount of effort (or lack thereof) that I put in.

Basically, I had one university in mind, so I didn't apply to any local Us or any Us in general at all, except for that one first choice. Of course, I had thought of my second and (vague) third choice just in case, especially since my first choice had an exceptionally hard entrance guideline (one of the hardest Unis to get into in the country). By God's grace, my sub-par results qualified (they must have based it more on the essay, I suppose) and I made it to the only university I applied for- Tokyo International Christian University (yes, it does irk me that the acronym for it is ICU).

With that, I will be packing up my life thus far and moving off to a new start in Tokyo this September. Just today, I sent off my Entrance Procedures and Dorm Application documents and am finishing up my scholarship paraphernalia. The Japanese truly are excessively bureaucratic, and it stresses me out no end, having to gather and QC various documents and certifications. I'm glad that the major part of it is over now, though. The matriculation and school fees have been paid, and I will soon be an official student of my dream university. I now pray that I get my first (or at least second) choice dorm, because the rest are simply too costly.

So, exactly why have I been MIA (at least from this blog) for the past 5 months? Primarily- work. My last post had to do with going for a job interview and passing it, and as a result, that job basically took over my life. While I didn't work that much in January ('busy studying for my SATs', which incidentally, I did very well for), majority of my time outside the house was spent at work. And then, of course, I got lazy to edit and watermark my pictures for this blog and hence stopped uploading posts (because posts without pictures are just so wordy and boring).

Work has been fun, and I met many interesting characters who have become great friends now. However, I decided to stop working at the end of last month, and have been lazing around everyday since May began. I stopped working on the premise that I needed to focus on settling my university entrance procedures, paperwork etc., which truly was a time-consuming bore, but it's almost done now, yet I don't wanna go back to work. The job was fun during non-peak hours, but was essentially a brainless, physical-oriented job with a sub-par pay that simply isn't enough to satisfy my wants and needs. As such, iw ill be looking for a much higher-paying job to immerse myself in until the end of July, after which I will be focusing on bidding my farewells and packing for the big, awaited move.

I do intend to keep this blog alive after this, and hope to be able to update frequently from Tokyo in the future, for the sake of my family and friends from the life I am moving on from (I say that like I'm throwing them away). Tokyo has always been my dream city and is full of innovative, interesting, uncomparably great new things, so I'll never run out of stuff to blog/vlog about. Yes, you read right, I will attempt (keyword: attempt) to make use of my otherwise stagnant YT channel that I started ages ago. I guess since I'll be living in a new city all alone, I'll have a reason to film stuff for my family and friends who are stuck in miserable Singapore, or miserable everywhere-else-that's-not-Japan.

I wonder why it's so easy to spew out so many words for a blog post but so arduous to churn out a less-than-thousand-word essay for a scholarship. I mean, the latter could possibly get me $10k if I do it well. Okay, enough procrastinating- I shall attempt to continue my flowery essay (keyword: attempt).

With that, I end my blog-revival pseudo-essay post, and return to my real essay. I do have millions (hyperbole) of awesome photos (of myself) to show you all, but I'm lazy. Go look at them yourself on my FB. Not my FB friend? Ohwell.

Until next time.


  1. Well done! I'm glad you got into ICU :) I look forward to reading about how you find it :)

    1. Thank you!!! And thank you so much for your advice when I was anxious about making it to ICU or not :D