Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion Trend: "DATE-MEGANE"

DATE-MEGANE, pronounced dah-teh meh-gah-neh, is Japanese for "fake spectacles", or as I like to call them: stepspex.

I am short-sighted, and as such require prescription spectacles, but I prefer wearing contact lenses and stepspex. Why do something so pointless? Simple- stepspex are cuter and are offered in a wider variety. I can also choose a different pair to match whatever outfit I'm wearing and not have to worry about paying hundreds to get prescription lenses put in. Moreover, without glass in it, stepspex are a lot lighter than my real spectacles, and doesn't cause half as much a headache or burden on my ears/nose bridge.

I almost always wear stepspex out because I feel naked without something on my face 8D. So today, I'm going to introduce my small collection to you readers. I actually have worn a few more pairs in my history, but those were long-term borrowed from friends, and have been returned by now.

Firstly, my real glasses. These are Paul Frank and are oversized, so it's not like I look like a bookworm with my real spex. These pretty much look like my stepspex too, so I often go out in these instead, except that they're heavy and the prescription lenses make my eyes look smaller. ¬_¬

These are my absolute go-to favourite stepspex of my entire collection, and I am almost always wearing this in any given photo. I find that the shape of these frames suit my face type the most and makes it look the best in comparison to the others in my collection. The rainbow-striped arm of the stepspex also gives it a quirky, cute feel instead of being boring brown all the way. These originally came with plastic lenses, but I popped them out because I didn't like how it reflected in photos.

Next is this pair from Japan (Osaka, I believe), that my mother bought for me. The shape of the frame is rather ordinary and doesn't really suit my face well, but I do keep it around for occasional uses. The key point here is the inside of the frame, which has a light blue flower pattern, making it secretly girly in contrast to the harsh black exterior.

This pair I got from the same store as my favourite rainbow-armed one. I actually got this on my way to take purikura because I didn't wanna wear my real glasses (which weren't the Paul Franks yet), which I had on that day after school. These are actually quite cute, but I can't seem to pop the plastic lenses out, so I rarely ever wear them. I don't like wearing stepspex with lenses because they reflect camera flash in photos.

Finally, we have these two Hello Kitty pairs. They have bows in the top left corner and whiskers on each side of the frame. I have them in two colours because the white one was a gift, whereas I bought the tortoiseshell ones myself. I don't like wearing light-coloured glasses, so I don't really wear the white ones out, but I do carry the tortoiseshell ones around sometimes just to camwhore in them because they're cute.

This pair doesn't belong to me yet, but will in the near future as I'm waiting for them to go on sale, haha! I found them online, so I don't really know how they'll look on me, but the shape seems similar to that of my favourite pair, so hopefully it'll work out. If they turn out to be of good quality, I may get some cheap prescription lenses put in so I can use them for real too.

That concludes this fashion post about a popular accessory I can't live without. For past fashion posts, you can search the fashion tag on my blog. This post has surprisingly zero selca photos, because I don't really feel the need to model my stepspex since I'm wearing them in majority of my photos on this blog anyway.

Hope you were enlightened by this post, and until next time~


Friday, June 22, 2012

Caramelised Pineapples for Fathers' Day

Fathers' Day just passed some time ago, so I decided to share what I did for my dad (besides uploading his embarrassing photos for his hundreds of FB friends to see).

My father loves pineapples, so I thought about baking him a pineapple upside-down cake, which he loves. However, as I watched YT videos on how to caramelise and bake pineapple whatnots, I realised that him being him, he'd prolly like the pineapple and caramel parts and not really appreciate the cake part. Hence, I decided to forget the cake, and just caramelise pineapples and stick it in a container for him.

By now, you should know that I don't really belong in the kitchen, and disaster seems to befall whenever I decide to try something new (I'm a one-trick pony who can only bake one good dish- Apple Crumble).

I began with a pot of brown sugar (faster to caramelise than caster sugar) and diced/sliced pineapples. Added some water until the liquid in the pot was brown and bubbling, then threw in the pineapples.

To be honest, there's no recipe, and my mother was rather horrified, and my father rightfully wary about eating it initially. I just boiled the concoction until the pineapples were browner than they were originally, and were soft.

The finished product in a tumbler.

It actually ended up tasting like normal pineapple, just a little sweeter. Sadly, there was no distinct caramel taste. But in the end, it's the thought that counts, right?


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In other news...

This post was actually a part of the previous one (about nails), but the section about nails was rather long, and so was this part, so I decided to split it into two parts!

So, in other news, I've found another part-time job- tutoring. At the moment I only have one tutee, in Sec 3 EMath. I love Math so this will be fun and easy, but sadly I'm only getting paid half of what I could get if I was tutoring JC GP. :( Anyone looking for tuition? I'm free until mid-August and got As for both GP and Math. ^o^ SMS me if you know my number, email me if you don't. ;D

Edit: At the time I wrote this draft, I hadn't started the tutoring job. However, the day before my first tuition session, I got a phone call and was informed that I'd lost my job. (/TДT)/

It's the same reason as the last tutoring job I lost- I'm leaving in August while exams are around October, so they don't want someone who won't be around during the most critical time. I think I've set a new record for how quickly I can lose a job. With this, I'll break my streak of having an income every month. I initially thought that said streak would be broken last month, but I unexpectedly got an ad-hoc events job, so I had an income last month. And with this tutoring job I imagined I would be financially independent until I left, but now... ;_; Tragedy of my life.

I also recently reorganised and cleaned up my pseudo-dresser (I say pseudo because it's not a real dresser- just an area I put all my face and hair-related stuff on, as well as a large mirror). Above is what my makeup area used to look like at all times (not exact, because this picture was from some months back- recently it was worse), and below is what I neatened it up to be!

It's a lot less cluttered now, and I can actually see the surfaces of each step of the shelf. I kept away all the makeup that I don't use on a daily basis and only left out my usual products. I also threw away a whole basket of lip products (including Chanel, MAC and Benefit ;_;) that I didn't use anymore.

Right behind on the top shelf lies a little drawer of new/unused makeup brushes, eyelashes, and other new spares I have of my regular products. On top of it (the long red box) is my eyelash cash, and above it my Urban Decay NAKED palette. In front of that is a sectioned tray with all my regular lip products in the left section and all my mascara and face products in the right section. To the right of the tray are loose powders in two shades that I mix to get a better colour match, my everyday blush, and a daytime moisturiser all stacked up. In front of that is a mini cup housing all my eyeliner pencils (used till they're short enough for that small cup) and my mini UDPP. My contact lens case is also in that area. My miscellaneous everyday accessories like my favourite rings and bobby pins are all in a flat tray with my eyelash curler and spectacle dustcloth on top of it.

On the second step is a 3-way mirror and a small pink drawer set with some of my hair clips, necklaces and earrings in it. Besides those two items, I also keep some hair products, perfume, contact lens solution, makeup remover and some skin products there.

The third step, not in the photo, is my all-other-rubbish step where I keep my ASOS receipts (there's a thick stack of those, hehe) and cute paperbags/product packaging etc.

The drawers under the steps are totally haphazard and I make it a point to never open them so as to avoid unleashing a cloud of fungus from any given drawer (except for the yellow and white drawers, which house my remaining makeup+accessories and sticker collection respectively).

In other other news, I finally bought the iPad cover I've been thinking about since last year. I saw it sometime mid-late last year and called my dad to ask if I should get it for my not-yet-mine-iPad then. Of course I didn't, and just kept thinking about it until my father finally handed down his iPad 2 when he got his iPad 3.

At that time, I wanted to get the cover immediately, but the high price deterred me for months. As I continued my search for a cheaper alternative, nothing came close and everything was just ugly or not good enough, and this one cover remained in my mind as the ideal, perfect cover to strive towards.

One day, as I was going to do my routine ogle at the cover as with every time I'm in its vicinity, I noticed that it was gone!!! I thought it was sold out as I scoured the store for it to no avail. I went back sadly and resigned to the fact that it was not meant to be mine, and got ready to get some lousy alternative.

Fortunately, when I next went to that store, I found it again!!! Still as pricey, but at least not sold out. Reflecting on my immense regret for not getting it when I'd thought it was sold out, I realised that I truly wanted it and decided to get it the next time I went there, and I did.

It was truly a big blow on my wallet, but I'm glad I invested in it and will use it foreverrrr (on until it rots and I find something better once over a year has passed and I've used it for its high value).

And finally, the last topic of news. Just something trivial- I cooked rice the other day and this is what became of it. Which would be why I don't belong in the kitchen.

That's all for now, then. I can't believe how active my blog is now, despite me claiming I wouldn't update if it wasn't university-related. Speaking of university, it's now D-MINUS 66!!

Well then, until the next time I blog~


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lowry's Farm Fashion Show (Bugis+ launch event)

This week, I went back to Bugis+ again for another launching event/fashion show (see last week's here)- this time, for a Japanese brand I'm very well aware of.

Lowry's Farm is a popular casual fashion brand in Japan, touted as "number one" (true to a certain extent, but largely a hyperbole). They carry cute, flowery, pastel-ly, fluffy, chiffony, girly stuff for the most part, and is generally what non niche-style girls in Japan are stereotyped to wear. Their lines are truly adorable and largely flattering, but not something I can afford to stock my entire wardrobe in. Nonetheless, I do enjoy browsing and touching the heavenly fabrics from time to time.

For the launching event/fashion show promotion, the first 150 people to RSVP would get a special goodie bag "stuffed with vouchers, a Collect Point umbrella, and a compact mirror." Being secretly Singaporean (by DNA only), I couldn't pass up a freebie, so I went for it.

OOTD: Dip Drops dusky pink blazer, Dorothy Perkins navy sequinned ribbon tank top, UO Levi's rainbow tiedye damaged denim cutoffs, Aimi bag, various accessories and (not visible) nude New Look wedges

I went with two of my Sistas4lyf (the last one is stuck in army), and they both agreed that the goodie bag was rather disappointing. Still, we didn't pay a cent (except for public transport there) so we don't really have the right to complain.

The goodie bag comprised a plastic umbrella and a small eco-bag filled with flyers, magazines, vouchers, and one compact mirror. The compact mirror was tragically budget, but the umbrella was cute-budget.

If you're wondering why I have two, it's because I dragged one of my male 'sisters' there to get me an extra (for my mom). The guy giving us our goodie bags was the head of that branch of Collect Point/Lowry's Farm, a hip Japanese man who spoke little English, so I had to utilise my self-learnt Japanese to exchange the originally plain white umbrellas for cuter colour combis.

Anyway, I took many photos of the fashion show (which featured real people instead of real models, to which Chris was sorely disappointed), but filtered out over 70% of it. If you're interested to see those photos (and more of my parenthesesed comments), they're after the jump below.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nails archive

Nails, how I love thee~ So much that I shell out money to get people to do them for me so very often. Also because I'm really lazy and do not have the patience to do my own nails perfectly.

In my absence since last year, I have changed my nail designs many times, and never did upload them all here. I did, however, occasionally take pictures of said nail designs and saved them. After a grueling 10 minutes of digging (metaphorically) through my digital database of some 3000 photos, I uncovered various photos from last December till now of my NOTMs, and decided to share them belatedly.

These are the oldest ones, which were right after these. Just a simple super-shimmery gold with a black shatter overlay.

Followed by a similar gold with large glitter plates over the upper section of the nail. Up to here, I DIYed my nails.

My longest-lasting and absolute all-time favourite: pastel leopard prints with pink/brown spots on a mint green. This was done with many gel layers and was super ultra hard, so lasted very long. Until my thumbnail broke and I trimmed the rest of my nails to match in length. I was also too lazy to go get them professionally soaked off, so I scraped them off with a sharp nail tool and subsequently destroyed my natural nails and got several wounds where I cut too deep. D': After this, I continued with gelish nails a few more times, but never took shots of them. My nails were depressingly short and I didn't want to be reminded, I suppose.

This was more recent, probably end-March to beginning April (edit: just saw the date stamp, haha! It was done on 5th April~), if I'm not wrong. It's a simple clear pinkish gel base with large flecks of magenta and silver glitters. So delightfully shiny and pretty IRL~

After the large pink glitters was a dense fine silver glitter suspended in a clear gel base. The purple nails are T's, and we got them done together on her birthday. This lasted surprisingly long, probably because any chips and cracks were invisible to the eye due to the nature of the polish itself.

Finally, we have my current nails, done at the beginning of June with my mom. The weakened and destroyed parts of my nails have finally grown out and I can start keeping my nails long from now on. This is a pretty pastel multicolour gelish manicure and I love it so, so much. Unfortunately, my right index finger has cracked already due to my careless and violent handling of my nails. :(

I generally redo my nails twice a month, but have recently been able to care for them much better and make the manicures last longer (definitely related to my not working anymore).

There was actually a lot more for this post regarding other news, but as I drafted this entry, it got way too long, so I decided to split it up and will upload the other part some other time.

I've actually completed that draft as well, but I'll wait for another time to upload it to save myself the trouble of writing another post. ;D I hope you've enjoyed my archiving of my past few NOTMs~


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bershka@Bugis+ Launching Party/Fashion Show

So today (or yesterday, by now), I went to the opening event/party/fashion show for Bershka's new branch at Bugis+ (formerly Iluma), more to exploit the 15% discount than to watch the show.

I didn't stay for long since I got what I wanted and it was basically towering skinny people wearing what I could already see in the store. I did, however, take some pictures to share with everyone else who didn't have an invite~ After all, I was front row (standing) and had a great view/angle, so why not?


Refreshments were provided, and I was quick to grab the cute mini-macarons and some mocktails. Unfortunately, the macaron filling was cream cheese, so I didn't enjoy it as much.

We also got a door gift- Bershka candies. There were Redbull girls going around offering us cans of it, but I never was a fan of the drink, hence declined.

Without further ado, the fashion show (just a few outfits that I caught before we left) after the jump: