Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bershka@Bugis+ Launching Party/Fashion Show

So today (or yesterday, by now), I went to the opening event/party/fashion show for Bershka's new branch at Bugis+ (formerly Iluma), more to exploit the 15% discount than to watch the show.

I didn't stay for long since I got what I wanted and it was basically towering skinny people wearing what I could already see in the store. I did, however, take some pictures to share with everyone else who didn't have an invite~ After all, I was front row (standing) and had a great view/angle, so why not?


Refreshments were provided, and I was quick to grab the cute mini-macarons and some mocktails. Unfortunately, the macaron filling was cream cheese, so I didn't enjoy it as much.

We also got a door gift- Bershka candies. There were Redbull girls going around offering us cans of it, but I never was a fan of the drink, hence declined.

Without further ado, the fashion show (just a few outfits that I caught before we left) after the jump:

My favourite dress of the selection.

The male model that garnered great response from my followers when I tweeted pictures. Yes, he was dancing, and even grabbed a nearby girl to dance with.

Aaaand the dress I bought. This photo was actually taken earlier this week, in the dressing room of the Ion branch. I'd tried it on a few times already, and decided to wait for the 15% offer and get it. ^o^

That's pretty much it, I suppose. Bershka's clothes are of rather good quality and is much more reasonably priced than Topshop etc., but I'm too accustomed to the low prices of ASOS and Bugis Junction/Street, so pretty much anything is expensive to me. Besides the dress above, I also got a set of pretty bangles, and plan to go back to the Ion branch to get another dress I planned to get but couldn't find at the Bugis branch.

I do have another folder of recent photos to blog about here, plus some updates, but whether or not I ever get down to doing something about it is a different story.

Until next time,

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