Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion Trend: "DATE-MEGANE"

DATE-MEGANE, pronounced dah-teh meh-gah-neh, is Japanese for "fake spectacles", or as I like to call them: stepspex.

I am short-sighted, and as such require prescription spectacles, but I prefer wearing contact lenses and stepspex. Why do something so pointless? Simple- stepspex are cuter and are offered in a wider variety. I can also choose a different pair to match whatever outfit I'm wearing and not have to worry about paying hundreds to get prescription lenses put in. Moreover, without glass in it, stepspex are a lot lighter than my real spectacles, and doesn't cause half as much a headache or burden on my ears/nose bridge.

I almost always wear stepspex out because I feel naked without something on my face 8D. So today, I'm going to introduce my small collection to you readers. I actually have worn a few more pairs in my history, but those were long-term borrowed from friends, and have been returned by now.

Firstly, my real glasses. These are Paul Frank and are oversized, so it's not like I look like a bookworm with my real spex. These pretty much look like my stepspex too, so I often go out in these instead, except that they're heavy and the prescription lenses make my eyes look smaller. ¬_¬

These are my absolute go-to favourite stepspex of my entire collection, and I am almost always wearing this in any given photo. I find that the shape of these frames suit my face type the most and makes it look the best in comparison to the others in my collection. The rainbow-striped arm of the stepspex also gives it a quirky, cute feel instead of being boring brown all the way. These originally came with plastic lenses, but I popped them out because I didn't like how it reflected in photos.

Next is this pair from Japan (Osaka, I believe), that my mother bought for me. The shape of the frame is rather ordinary and doesn't really suit my face well, but I do keep it around for occasional uses. The key point here is the inside of the frame, which has a light blue flower pattern, making it secretly girly in contrast to the harsh black exterior.

This pair I got from the same store as my favourite rainbow-armed one. I actually got this on my way to take purikura because I didn't wanna wear my real glasses (which weren't the Paul Franks yet), which I had on that day after school. These are actually quite cute, but I can't seem to pop the plastic lenses out, so I rarely ever wear them. I don't like wearing stepspex with lenses because they reflect camera flash in photos.

Finally, we have these two Hello Kitty pairs. They have bows in the top left corner and whiskers on each side of the frame. I have them in two colours because the white one was a gift, whereas I bought the tortoiseshell ones myself. I don't like wearing light-coloured glasses, so I don't really wear the white ones out, but I do carry the tortoiseshell ones around sometimes just to camwhore in them because they're cute.

This pair doesn't belong to me yet, but will in the near future as I'm waiting for them to go on sale, haha! I found them online, so I don't really know how they'll look on me, but the shape seems similar to that of my favourite pair, so hopefully it'll work out. If they turn out to be of good quality, I may get some cheap prescription lenses put in so I can use them for real too.

That concludes this fashion post about a popular accessory I can't live without. For past fashion posts, you can search the fashion tag on my blog. This post has surprisingly zero selca photos, because I don't really feel the need to model my stepspex since I'm wearing them in majority of my photos on this blog anyway.

Hope you were enlightened by this post, and until next time~


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