Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lowry's Farm Fashion Show (Bugis+ launch event)

This week, I went back to Bugis+ again for another launching event/fashion show (see last week's here)- this time, for a Japanese brand I'm very well aware of.

Lowry's Farm is a popular casual fashion brand in Japan, touted as "number one" (true to a certain extent, but largely a hyperbole). They carry cute, flowery, pastel-ly, fluffy, chiffony, girly stuff for the most part, and is generally what non niche-style girls in Japan are stereotyped to wear. Their lines are truly adorable and largely flattering, but not something I can afford to stock my entire wardrobe in. Nonetheless, I do enjoy browsing and touching the heavenly fabrics from time to time.

For the launching event/fashion show promotion, the first 150 people to RSVP would get a special goodie bag "stuffed with vouchers, a Collect Point umbrella, and a compact mirror." Being secretly Singaporean (by DNA only), I couldn't pass up a freebie, so I went for it.

OOTD: Dip Drops dusky pink blazer, Dorothy Perkins navy sequinned ribbon tank top, UO Levi's rainbow tiedye damaged denim cutoffs, Aimi bag, various accessories and (not visible) nude New Look wedges

I went with two of my Sistas4lyf (the last one is stuck in army), and they both agreed that the goodie bag was rather disappointing. Still, we didn't pay a cent (except for public transport there) so we don't really have the right to complain.

The goodie bag comprised a plastic umbrella and a small eco-bag filled with flyers, magazines, vouchers, and one compact mirror. The compact mirror was tragically budget, but the umbrella was cute-budget.

If you're wondering why I have two, it's because I dragged one of my male 'sisters' there to get me an extra (for my mom). The guy giving us our goodie bags was the head of that branch of Collect Point/Lowry's Farm, a hip Japanese man who spoke little English, so I had to utilise my self-learnt Japanese to exchange the originally plain white umbrellas for cuter colour combis.

Anyway, I took many photos of the fashion show (which featured real people instead of real models, to which Chris was sorely disappointed), but filtered out over 70% of it. If you're interested to see those photos (and more of my parenthesesed comments), they're after the jump below.

The 'models' are regular people, mostly self-styled bloggers, of which I only recognise two. One because I've seen her blog once, and another because she's from my church and due to family duties, I had dinner with her family before (she's also my senior from both my secondary school and junior college).

The show wasn't phenomenal, and was preceded by an impossibly long talking segment by the aforementioned head of this branch of Lowry's Farm, 'translated' (read: narrated from a pre-translated script) by the over-enthusiastic emcee. It was painfully boring standing there in (brand new) 6" heels listening to them yabber on (to be fair, I wasn't really listening- I was texting T in HK).

Apparently there had been a hairstyling segment, makeover program and lucky draw as well, but we were tired and decided to camp at CBTL downstairs instead, forgoing any small chance of winning the lucky draw we had.

With that, I conclude this post as I have various chores to do, not to mention my Mac is running out of battery. I still have another post queued to be uploaded soon (the intended second half of this post), which I will sometime soon. I was also just informed that I'm leaving for KL tomorrow (after a one-night trip to Malacca this week) to visit my paternal grandparents, so I'll probably have the post uploaded after I come back (even though I'll have Wifi there~).


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