Monday, June 11, 2012

Nails archive

Nails, how I love thee~ So much that I shell out money to get people to do them for me so very often. Also because I'm really lazy and do not have the patience to do my own nails perfectly.

In my absence since last year, I have changed my nail designs many times, and never did upload them all here. I did, however, occasionally take pictures of said nail designs and saved them. After a grueling 10 minutes of digging (metaphorically) through my digital database of some 3000 photos, I uncovered various photos from last December till now of my NOTMs, and decided to share them belatedly.

These are the oldest ones, which were right after these. Just a simple super-shimmery gold with a black shatter overlay.

Followed by a similar gold with large glitter plates over the upper section of the nail. Up to here, I DIYed my nails.

My longest-lasting and absolute all-time favourite: pastel leopard prints with pink/brown spots on a mint green. This was done with many gel layers and was super ultra hard, so lasted very long. Until my thumbnail broke and I trimmed the rest of my nails to match in length. I was also too lazy to go get them professionally soaked off, so I scraped them off with a sharp nail tool and subsequently destroyed my natural nails and got several wounds where I cut too deep. D': After this, I continued with gelish nails a few more times, but never took shots of them. My nails were depressingly short and I didn't want to be reminded, I suppose.

This was more recent, probably end-March to beginning April (edit: just saw the date stamp, haha! It was done on 5th April~), if I'm not wrong. It's a simple clear pinkish gel base with large flecks of magenta and silver glitters. So delightfully shiny and pretty IRL~

After the large pink glitters was a dense fine silver glitter suspended in a clear gel base. The purple nails are T's, and we got them done together on her birthday. This lasted surprisingly long, probably because any chips and cracks were invisible to the eye due to the nature of the polish itself.

Finally, we have my current nails, done at the beginning of June with my mom. The weakened and destroyed parts of my nails have finally grown out and I can start keeping my nails long from now on. This is a pretty pastel multicolour gelish manicure and I love it so, so much. Unfortunately, my right index finger has cracked already due to my careless and violent handling of my nails. :(

I generally redo my nails twice a month, but have recently been able to care for them much better and make the manicures last longer (definitely related to my not working anymore).

There was actually a lot more for this post regarding other news, but as I drafted this entry, it got way too long, so I decided to split it up and will upload the other part some other time.

I've actually completed that draft as well, but I'll wait for another time to upload it to save myself the trouble of writing another post. ;D I hope you've enjoyed my archiving of my past few NOTMs~


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