Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bags, glasses and other randomnities

Random photo of my Q-pot jewelry and a gachapon koala macaron cellphone strap ☆

I did say that I would do a post on the haul my maternal grandfather brought back for me (bags, sunglasses and boots), but you've already seen the sunglasses here, and both pairs of boots got sent back to Milan to change because they didn't fit me. Then, of the two bags I got, my mom ended up taking one of them, so of the entire mini-haul, I'm only left with one bag to take pictures of:

This is the Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Knapsack in Iris Multi. The other bag is exactly the same, but in a different print. I plan to use this nearly everyday for university because it's A4 and can fit my laptop, papers and files etc.

This looks a lot brighter and neon-er than the website, and even more so in this photo because of the flash and the colour-boost I edited in. Nonetheless, I'm very happy with it and can't wait to start using it~

While we're on the topic of bags, I thought I'd share what my current going-out bag is. I got this during my hiatus from this blog, so I never got a chance to brag about it. It's the Samantha Thavasa Aimi bag in some winter collection leather and moko-moko trim. My parents got this for me as a reward for my SAT results and 2 As for 'A'-levels. ^o^

Another recent get would be these ASOS glasses that I mentioned I was waiting for to go on sale. They ended up going on sale a few days after that post, so I got them! Unfortunately, they're a little narrow and tight for me. I could bring it to an optician to adjust, but I'm still contemplating what I wanna do with this since I'm not in total love with it.

click to enlarge

Also, I've been really bored recently, so I've been doing all sorts of planning, financial accounting for the coming year of university and other personal admin-related stuff. I love organising and planning stuff, so I went ahead and planned out the entire itinerary for my family's one-week trip to Tokyo (after which I will be staying on while they return to Singapore).

It was really supposed to be more of a practical trip than a leisure holiday, because we were going there mainly to set up my life in Tokyo- register as a resident, open a bank account, get a phone etc. I also managed to get ICU to give us a professional tour of the campus so that my parents can get an idea of where I'll be for 4 years.

Unfortunately, I just found out that I can't register my address before moving into the dorm on the 31st, despite 10 million other people telling me I could. If I attempt to, I could get reported for fraud and get deported, which I don't wanna risk, even if it's only a 1% chance.

As such, I had to redo an entire part of the itinerary (it's now different from the one in the screenshot, but similar- just slightly different activities), and there's no actual utilitarian reason for my parents to go there. But we booked the hotel and tickets already, so it's just gonna be our first and last family holiday for years.

I can't get a bank account to safekeep all the cash we're bringing over. I can't get a phone and contact my friends for over a week. I won't have my parents there to help me with formalities and paperwork. #£$%^&*!!!!!

Anyway, if you can't tell from the screenshot of the 6-page itinerary, it's a very detailed plan. I even have details like which train to take where, how much each train/bus ride will be, and navigating instructions. It's kinda borderline-OCD.

That aside, I have an event job tomorrow and will be paid more in products than cash (very very tragically because I don't use the products). Not particularly dreading nor looking forward to it. I can't like work in general, but I do like money, so I'm conflicted there. Oh well. I'll just get it over and done with.

I have a plethora of posts I'd like to do for this blog, so look forward as always~


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