Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Caviar nails

Just a quick nail update from some weeks back- I DIYed some Caviar nails! They're basically microbeads on nails, and the above is what it looks like in flash.

This is what it looks like in natural sunlight. I did a hot pink polish base with semi-clear, pearl-finish, hot pink microbeads. The pictures here are without a top coat, but after taking the photos, I decided to do a top coat, which was a big mistake- the colour on the beads ran and it looked less pearly and beady, but was still awesomer than a plain mani.

Unfortunately, these nails didn't last long because I ripped the beads off a few days later in preparation to devour some heavenly black pepper crab- my all time favourite dish. I have to say it was totally worth it, though.

Anyway, for those interested in recreating this look, Michelle Phan recently did a tutorial on it, so here's the video!



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