Thursday, July 5, 2012

ICU update and onigiri

So today's post is really an update about university procedures and dorm stuff, but as always, I feel that image-less posts are lackluster, so here's a deco-ed photo of some onigiri I made yesterday and refrigerated to be microwaved for grub today. And it was good. (Training for when I begin dorm-life.)

Today, I finally left the house and went downstairs just to check the mail. I believe the letters from ICU came either Tuesday or Wednesday because the last time the mail was checked was on Monday, and there was a pile of stuff on top of my two envelopes from ICU.

One was an update on entrance procedures, saying that step II (admin and forms, which I submitted long ago) was complete, and step III would be complete upon payment of tuition for the first trimester (also done long time ago- paid tuition for the whole year, actually). The remaining step (IV) is matriculation and orientation in September, so basically I'm done with paperwork and whatnot, hooray!

Enclosed in this envelope also was a username and password for the online folio thing where I'll have to plan my academics, goals, and post-graduation stuff with a tutor who will be assigned to me upon matriculation. Every student has to write an essay on their intended major, academic goals, and post-grad plans. Fortunately, I don't have to declare a major till the end of sophomore year (over 2 years more), but this essay is just to indicate to aforementioned tutor which general direction I will be heading towards.

I read on other ICU students' blogs (which I stalk frequently; I wonder if this blog too, will be stalked by future ICU students one day) and found out about this essay assignment long before I even applied, and have been dreading this for a long time (haven't done anything remotely academic since 'A'-levels), but I surprisingly finished the essay in no time already. And it's only due 20th August~

The essay's supposed to be about 150 words (and hopefully so will every other essay for the next 4 years XD), but I wrote 300+ and was excessively vague. I don't know where I'm going with my life, so I couldn't give a firm answer to the guideline questions.

That aside, I actually received an email on Monday from ICU informing me of ICU Net Commons, an online portal that I'll prolly be haunted by once assignments start piling. Right now it's just a basic portal with lots of important information for new students, such as matriculation and orientation schedule, stuff to do before and upon arrival in Japan etc.

Moving on, the other envelope I got was A4 and very important. It was from the Housing Office and bore my dorm-assignment details. The ICU Net Commons actually already had a notice from the Housing Office that I read on Monday, stating that all who applied for on-campus dorms got a spot- so it's just a matter of which dorm.

Fortunately for me (by God's grace), I made it to my first choice dorm- 3WD. On one hand it could seem like a very competitive fight to get into 3WD because it's the cheapest, but on the other hand it might have been less in demand because it's the smallest. I don't really care now because I got what I wanted and I'm thankful for that.

At this juncture, I can imagine my best friend incredulous and laughing at how I'm possibly going to survive in a small, shared room when my clothes are going to take up a lot of space. I don't really know either, actually. It's about 57 days till I find out.

I also had to fill in a dorm questionnaire that will determine my future roommate. I was also aware of this questionnaire and the gist of its questions due to extensive research and blog-reading (perhaps I have a future in private investigation?). This questionnaire is also due August 20th, and yes- I have submitted it already (I see a pattern here that definitely will be harder to reinforce with regards to schoolwork deadlines).

One last thing I had to do was apply for bedding and linen lease with the contracted company that handles all of ICU's on-campus dorms' sheets (almost punny). Basically, I will never have to wash my own bedsheets and stuff, nor will I have to buy a pillow and blankets etc. as Noguchi Co. will handle it all for me, for a few hundred dollars a year. And I have no choice in this matter. ¬_¬

Of course, the deadline for that is 20Aug as well, and I've completed the procedures. With that, I have nearly nothing left to do in terms of paperwork/admin in preparation for my departure next month (yes, so close!). All that's left is my COE (Eligibility, not Entitlement to a car) for my Japanese visa, which is slated to arrive mid-August, hopefully in time because I'm now leaving a week earlier than originally stated in my application.

I haven't gotten my one-way ticket yet, but it's pretty much confirmed that I'll be arriving in Tokyo on the 25th of August (just a matter of when I'm leaving- 24th night or 25th morning?). It's approximately D-MINUS 50, and I could not be more impatient. I've already begun stocking up stuff that I need to bring to Tokyo because a) I can't get it there or b) it's cheaper here. It's not that I'm hasty, but rather the GSS is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

I am also growing poorer by the second as I continue to live off my April salary and savings from Jan-Mar salaries (what savings?). I have been out of employment since the last day of April, and my funds are dangerously... nonexistent. Unlike other kids, I stopped receiving allowance from my parents upon the conclusion of 'A'-levels too, so I'm just a broke, independent pseudo-adult now. At least I can proudly say I'm (barely) living off my own earnings, okay?

With that, I've pretty much summed up whatever updates I have pertaining to ICU. The new residency management system to be implemented next Monday in Japan is the bane of my comfort, however, as there is no information about it whatsoever anywhere, besides the basic governmental release. I need to know how long it will take upon my arrival to be eligible to get a cellphone. I've already found my dream gadget and am lusting over it uncontrollably and need a detailed countdown to the day it's in my hands. Hopefully, that will change and more information will surface next week.

Until then.


  1. no need to be "excessively vague". you're going to your heart's homeland and have been for years :)

    1. The contents of my essay were basically: "I don't know what I want to do with my life therefore I cannot answer these questions.", but more flowery. :/