Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New shoes and Malaysia etc.

So during June, I went to Malaysia twice- once to Malacca for 1D1N, and the second time to KL for 3D2N. In a small shopping arcade in Malacca, I found a bubble tea store named Cool Blog (store banner above) and took a picture because I have one! ;)

As proof of my travels, I present to you the mythical A&W that Singaporeans exalt due to the apparent lack of it in SG. What road trip to Malaysia is complete without a stop at A&W for its renown Root Beer (double) Float and curly fries?

In KL, my (paternal) Grandmother bought me these cutout oxfords~ ^o^ They're a lovely pinkish nude faux patent leather finish. The edginess of oxfords in general, even more so of the chic cutout, makes it good for more mode-kei outfits, yet the girly, neutral, pinkish nude colour matches well with girly coordinates too. 完全に理想なおしゃれシューズだよ〜ん☆

Another pair of shoes I got recently would be these wedges from New Look. They're pretty normal, with buckles (not pictured) on the front and ankle straps, but the point here is that they're nearly 6", with a 2" platform! These make me so insanely tall and instantly boost a t-shirt and shorts outfit to casual-dressy. These are a light mocha that borders on nude. I particularly like them because they're so neutral that they match basically everything I own, and aren't a seasonal trend so I can wear them all-year-round.

If you recall some posts back, I cleaned up and packed my pseudo dresser. However, my mom got me a better organiser tray from Daiso, so I repacked it again! I think it looks a lot better now, and I can fit all my regular products into this one carry-able tray (it has a handle~!!!).

The brown drawer box is now on the second step of my pseudo-dresser, leaving the top step a lot spacier. The white compartmentalised tray is organised by category of product (e.g. base makeup, cheek products, lip products, mascaras+eyeliners etc.), and there's even a long and slim compartment at the back that perfectly fits my lash case and NAKED palette.

Also on the dresser are my new Chanel 5018s that my (maternal) Grandfather got for me~ (haul post coming up! Even though it's not really my haul, but rather gifts from my Grandpa that I requested, hehe~).

Alrighty, that's about it for this post! I have many more photos for drafts of posts queued up, so this blog ain't dying anytime soon (in the best scenario, it'd even be active all they way until I leave, and therefore active forever!), and I also have a vlog series idea in the making, so look forward to those~


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