Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pastel candy nails and matching MacBook

My NOTM are alternating pretty candy pastels. Mint from The Face Shop (it's absolutely horrible- streaky beyond belief and oxidizes GREEN) and a pale pink from OPI (super smooth and perfect application-wise, but too sheer, resulting in ten million layers that take forever to dry).

I also got this opaque (it was supposed to be translucent, though) Robins' Egg Blue (yes, that is a valid colour name- Google it) matte MacBook Air case because I got one for uni (and also because my previous MacBook is ancient and hardly working). It's still in the shinkwrap plastic in the photo, so it seems shiny, but it is assuredly velvety matte in the heavenliest colour ever (of course- it's my favourite colour). It's also close to what my nails would look like if they didn't oxidize (looks less greenish in the photo because I took that pic right after painting my nails, before it turned green).

In case anyone is interested, I got it from evilBay, and it comes with a silicon keyboard cover in teal.

More pics of it in action.

And the unboxing- OS X Lion

On a side note, it's D-MINUS 27!!! I'm leaving in less than 4 weeks!!!!! I've stocked up on lotsa supplies for Tokyo already, so I'll do a post on that soon~


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