Friday, July 13, 2012

Press Release: Presents 101

(Obligatory pretty photo of myself that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual post itself)

It seems that many people make public wishlists, but contrary to popular belief, I'm not a big fan of making wishlists for other people to refer to. I like the element of surprise when I open a present and it's not something I just asked them to get. But at the same time, about 90% of the time, the gift is something I don't want, fated to rot and grow mold in some dark corner of the fungus farm that is my room.

As such, I decided to do a press release on a guideline for presents for me. Stuff I hate, stuff I generally like- keyword general. This is not law, but something that would be useful reference if you feel like getting me a gift. This guide is meant to help you make me happier. Releasing this right before my birthday would also be incredibly indiscreet so I'm doing this half a year before. It's actually been something I've been wanting to do since I saw my teacher's version (for Teachers' Day) last year.

If you read this and realise you've given me something from the NO list, don't worry. Chances are I probably appreciated it anyway for the thought. That doesn't mean you have to give me something like that again, though.

This is also meant for presents like for occasions or whatnot, not souvenirs etc. I don't have any preferences for those because they're novelty gifts.

Let's begin with absolute NO-NOs-

Food: Don't give me perishable stuff. And I hate 90% of the food out there so there's a close to 100% chance you'll get me something I don't eat (like chocolate, the most common gift- yes, I don't eat chocolate, only white chocolate is fine but not all kinds- just don't get me chocolate). Besides, a gift that is ingested, converted to energy and excreted is hardly memorable, is it?

Flowers: I'm not a sweet girly girly angelic girl who will be delighted to receive flowers. I think flowers are the number one useless gift in the world. I don't hate them, and I do actually like flower prints sometimes, but real flowers are dumb. They die within days and it's not like I like the aroma of flowers anyway. They're overpriced and a waste of money that could be channeled more constructively elsewhere. Don't even think of getting me flowers.

Books: I don't read many books nowadays (stopped ever since receiving my 5 'A'-level Literature novels which I didn't read in the end anyway), but in the first place what makes you think you'll pick a book that I'll like? I have very selective tastes, and many unread books from years ago, so it'll take me another century before I get down to opening let alone reading your gift.

Photo Frames: Don't even go there. I'm not talking about personalised ones with photo collages and all- those are really nice (albeit bulky and really piling up in my house, collecting dust)- I'm talking about generic ones you can get from Daiso or IKEA. Useless things. I don't print any photos out, so I don't need frames to frame them up.

Candles/Incense: I realise my house might be messy and therefore maybe sometimes musky (in the dark corners and unopened cupboards), but please don't give me these things. I'm very sensitive to smells and I rarely like scents, let alone strong ones. Not to mention, I have pyrophobia, so I absolutely abhor candles.

Music Albums: This is the age of mp3s and not so much CDs. I have peculiar music tastes, so chances are I won't like your music either way.

Kitchenware: We have too much of it, especially lunchboxes. I don't think anyone in their right mind would give me anything to fuel my life-endangering cooking, though.

Cosmetics: If you're thinking that I love makeup, you're absolutely right. Unfortunately, I only buy makeup I know will suit me and thus I will use, and I'm very brand-selective because I have sensitive skin and am allergic to many cosmetics, so I like to buy my own makeup thank you very much.

Plushies: I really really really really really x∞ love and want these, but they're essentially useless, my house is filled with them collecting dust, and I can't bring them with me to Tokyo because I don't have enough luggage space as is. :(

Bag/pouch: Yes, I love these too, but I honestly have way too many of them piling up unused. No more, please.

Stationery: Same as the above- love these to death, but that's why I have wayyyy too much of it already. Especially notebooks, fancy papers and stickers.

Organisers/Planners: I do use these, but I like to choose my own, and receiving 10 planners for the same year is kinda dumb anyway. (This is especially common because my birthday is near the end of the year.)

I've run my brain dry on what other generic stuff I don't wanna receive, but I do plan to update this list frequently, so check back nearer to the gift-giving date.

Next, a guideline to what I DO want:

Cash/Vouchers: You can never go wrong with ca$h. You've probably asked me sometime in your life what I wanted, and I've probably answered cash. But for young people, giving out ang-paos isn't really the custom and is kinda awkward, so vouchers are just as good, provided for the correct places.
Preferred brands: Takashimaya, Isetan, Tangs, BHG, Sephora, Kinokuniya, generally big places where I have a huge selection to buy from instead of small, niche brands. If you do, however, know my favourite brands, go ahead and get lotsa vouchers from there. Please do. I'd love you.
Unfortunately, I'm moving to Tokyo soon and I won't be able to use these vouchers locally. I am also trying to refrain from online-shopping when at my dorm (because the package-receiving process there might be very troublesome and I don't wanna clog our shared mailbox or anything), so no online vouchers either. :/
Your best bet? Give me lots of yen- they're vouchers to be used in the large shopping centre of Japan.

Jewelry: Not all, though. I like expensive, classy stuff. Can't afford it? Then please skip this category altogether to avoid me chucking it away.
Why do I think (good quality, expensive) jewelry is the perfect gift? It has sentimental significance. If it's good quality, it can probably last for years to come, and I'll never forget who gave it to me and for what reason. For example, I never take off my 17th birthday present from my parents (necklace and earrings).
Preferred brands: Q-pot, Juicy Couture, Tiffany&Co.
Preferred styles: Silver and not too colourful (except for Juicy & Q-pot, which are all gold and colourful)
Ring size: US 7 (ring finger- but my ring fingers already have permanent rings so don't get me this, please?), US9 (middle finger- I have really big knuckles... I wonder if they even make rings in this size?)
What I'm eyeing right now: Chunky silver chain/charm toggle bracelet

Perfume: I know this sounds like it contradicts what I said about candles and incense and smells earlier, but that's what this guide is for- to tell you exactly what scent (singular) I condone.
Current perfume I'm using: Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy Eau de Parfum
Fortunately for you, Juicy Couture does produce a lot of solid perfumes for this scent in cute jewelry forms like rings and necklace pendants, so that could be a great way to encompass two categories I love.
What I'm eyeing right now: Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy Limited Edition Parfum

Cellphone keychains: I love piling these on until the accessories themselves are heavier than the actual phone.
Preferred colours: Rainbow, pastels, glittery/blingbling, pink, robins' egg blue (also known as Tiffany blue; favourite colour)
Preferred textures: Plushie types, squishy types, Swarovski types, anything really
Preferred sizes: Nothing bigger than two palms' size, nothing smaller than a 50cent coin
What I'm eyeing right now: Any Q-pot keychain, really

Handmade/personalised stuff: This is a very vague category I cannot define, but I like things that have a lot of effort and suffering put into it just for me. It's special, one-of-a-kind, and has meaning and immeasurable value. Just don't do it in a form of a photo frame anymore, please. And this doesn't mean I want the above, expensive things any less than this. ;)

Letters: The free option for the poor. I love letters. Don't write me emails- those are boring and I have tons of those. Write me snail mail; write me long, heartfelt messages; write me stuff I can keep in boxes for years (I still have my penpals' stuff from when I was in primary school).
***Disclaimer: Yes, letters are great, but if it was all I got for my birthday, I'd be pretty unimpressed (read: not very pleased). This is meant to be an attachment to an already splendid gift that I'm sure you can get with the help of this informative guide.***

I don't wanna go into too much detail on what I want because that'd basically be a wishlist already, and I still want to be surprised to a certain extent. The purpose of this guide is to help you avoid what I don't want, not to tell you outright what I expect.

In general, if you're special to me, I really don't care what you give me (but since this guide exists now, you have no excuse to get me anything I don't want), because it's the thought that counts (only because you're special- if you're not one of my close friends, too bad but this doesn't apply to you).

Just to further back up my demandingness, here's my life anthem (and T's as well, because we're identical). The lyrics are so true to my life, down to the I know I've got a big ego, I really don't know why it's such a big deal though? and I can't help that I need (not want) it all and Get what I want 'cos I asked for it, not because I'm really that deserving of it.

This guide will be updated frequently, so you can refer to it periodically for updates, especially nearer to the gift-giving date.



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