Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recent job and what I've been doing

I mentioned recently that I had an event job on the 19th of July. It was with a bunch of my council (SA) girls and one other girl, so it was like a pseudo 33rd reunion~

I won't elaborate too much, because I doubt my readers wanna hear me talk about a job. If I had to summarise it, I'd say I was generally an emcee. Even though this job was at Sentosa too (had a golf event there in May that resulted in a hideous sunburn and tan), THANK GOD it was drizzling and hardly sunny, and I didn't tan at all~ I did take precautions and slathered my face with SPF before leaving the house, but I don't own body sunblock so I was worried, but it was fine in the end.

After we cleaned up and we finished our work, we of course took the chance to camwhore and use the props we had there for the event, so much silliness ensued. ^o^

All photos courtesy of Marilyn (Chew), the one who made this job and reunion possible for us.

The council girls went to ViVo after that to claim our free Sephora membership gift (Sherrie and I), have soup (the rest), and shop! I even went to Raffles City after that to meet my parents, and surprisingly didn't feel like shopping at all. I think I was tired from working, even though the job was short and hardly physically exhausting. It's just my allergy to work, I guess.

That aside, what I've been doing recently (actually, it was only for about 3 days, the week before) is studying Japanese. Most of you don't know that I actually self-learnt Japanese language passively over 3 years, so I can converse, read and write, albeit not at a high enough level to study my major in. As such, I will not be exempt from JLP (Japanese Language Program) courses in uni, but I will probably start off in a more advanced course than the rest of them who have never properly studied Japanese either.

Anyway, I wanted to get a head start (funny, my Secondary Three holiday lesson program was actually called Headstart) and brush up my existing Japanese skills so that I can at least get around Japan without being totally illiterate. Living in a country that uses a different language than one is accustomed to will be stressful, so I've been watching more drama to naturalise myself to the language. I'm so used to Japanese now that I'm beginning to think and dream in Japanese. *_*

I don't think my Japanese language skills are adequate at all, but I was still able to get through an entire online guide in less than 3 days. Of course, the rarely-used grammar flew over my head, but it's not like I'll need it outside of lessons, so I'll just ignore it for now.

If anyone is interested in learning Japanese by yourself, I highly recommend this site: It's extremely detailed, clear, and easy to follow. Each lesson also helps me learn new terms and kanji, which makes it even better, because while my grammar might be fine, my vocabulary is sorely lacking (well, I actually know most of the useful words, I just don't know the kanji- I pick it all up from listening to conversations).

So yes, that's basically what I've been doing. I also wanted to show the photos from my job because I feel like lately, there haven't been any pictures of me on this blog... Right. Okay.

Incidentally, it's D-MINUS 30 now, and I only have a single digit number of free days in August left to meet people for farewells after booking out my schedule. If you want to meet me in August, you'd best contact me soon.

Until then,


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