Monday, August 27, 2012

Final gel nails done in Singapore

A long time ago, when I received my last pay (April? May?), I set aside about $300 to do my hair and nails. I made an appointment last month to do my nails at a rather pricey but high quality home salon I've been eyeing for awhile, and had cash on hand to pay for however expensive it'd turn out to be.

Unfortunately, as I have been so altruistically living off my own backdated salaries even after I stopped working (haven't taken any allowance from my parents since 'A's ended last year), I eventually ran really low on funds this month and had to dip into my manicure savings.

I grudgingly cancelled my nail appointment and was ready to settle for some low quality service and a hardly long-lasting manicure from FEP. Until I did my hair on Wednesday and the bill came up to more than what was left of what I had set aside for my hair AND nails combined (more than I had available in my bank, actually- so I paid part in cash, part by card :X).

Somehow, without me even bothering to pray about this (come on, even I wouldn't pray about a manicure...), God answer unprayed prayers in the form of one of the pastors in my church, who approached me during my last Sunday in Singapore. His daughter owns a nail salon and he wanted to treat me to a manicure!!! He told me to do whatever I wanted, pile on whatever I wished for, and it would be his farewell/good luck present to me.

At that point in time, I was certainly thankful because that meant I'd be able to save a bit more money to use on other things (like food, which I had no money for). But when the hair bill dropped, it really made me grateful for God who predicts. :'D

So my last day in Singapore came round, and I made my way to the salon- or attempted to. Thank goodness for my own foresight and underestimation of my navigating skills, because I factored in extra time for finding my way and I really needed that. I managed to get lost several times looking for The Plaza on Beach Road. To be fair, it wasn't my navigating skills that were lacking- it was iPhone maps'. Every time I refreshed my map to pinpoint my location, it placed me in different places, despite me not. having. moved. at. all.

Eventually got there after calling my benefactor and asking like 4 random passerbys. Spent a luxurious 3 or so hours getting my nails done, complete with a foot scrub and massage. ૮(  ऀืົཽु ˙̫̮   ऀืົཽू)ა✧ The service was impeccable, especially since when I wasn't even a paying customer. The quality was awesome, attention to detail was at a whole new level, and I absolutely love my nails. I was actually initially disappointed because the range of gel polish colours wasn't quite wild enough (for me), but I worked around what they had and came up with this design on the spot.

When it was time to leave, I found my way to the bus stop that I came from, hooray! But boo it's a one-way street so I have no idea where the corresponding opposite bus stop is!!! Wandered upstream for awhile and saw an MRT symbol, so decided to just follow the signs. I somehow ended up in Bugis. BUGIS. How far did I walk?! Fortunately, I know the way home form Bugis, so I had no problems after that, but it sure was an exhausting adventure I'd rather never experience ever again.

That said, I must of course do what I can to help my benefactor get customers, especially after her and her father's generosity.

Everything Nails
The Plaza #02-343/344
7500a Beach Road, S199591

You can say that Bethany referred you, but you won't get a discount (I'm not sponsored!). The atmosphere is really relaxing, and it was ozzzm therapy before leaving. Just don't get lost looking for it (The Plaza is connected to Park Royal Hotel, so just enter through the hotel).

Anyway, I'm incredibly satisfied with my nails and I just hope the 3D metal bits won't drop off. Ever. I'll begin blogging about my life in Japan very soon~~~


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