Wednesday, August 15, 2012

みんなのメイクHAPPY BAG

Last week, I received an email (entirely in Japanese, and in keigo no less) from Minna no Meiku, a Japanese makeup online community that I'm signed up for. Apparently, there had been an ongoing campaign and I was picked as a recipient of a "HAPPY BAG" hamper of Japanese cosmetics!!!

Now, for those who may not know me, I have absolutely no luck. Murphy, Sod, and every other negative force inhabits my soul, and I have never won anything by luck in my entire life. To suddenly win a free hamper that I didn't even apply for is beyond comprehension and I couldn't believe it until a large package arrived for me via EMS just yesterday morning.

It came in a typically Japanese, cute dustbag (not some cheap thin tissue material, okay!), complete with a MNM flyer and HAPPY BAG letter + an MNM sticker!

I thought it was only gonna be like one or two products, but the package was huge!

The first thing I pulled out were these Makemania gel liners in pencil form. The packaging claims that they last 24 hours and are waterproof, and I can vouch for their lasting power. They didn't budge a few seconds after drawn, and didn't rub off even in water. And just look at the packaging~!

Next was this bronze-brown shadow pencil, also from Makemania. It comes with a sponge tip applicator, with the shadow in the cap. The selling tagline is "easy gradation shadow". The shadow is really shimmery and pretty, but smudges like crazy. I like it, but don't know what to do with it yet.

Next were these face powders from Clear Last by B&C. They're high coverage and in two colours- "Matte Ochre" and "Sparkly Ochre". When I opened it, it looked so dark (like 3 skintones darker than mine!), but when I swatched it, it looked fine... I don't like sparkly face powders though, so I didn't touch the sparkly one and I'll probably give it away.

The only skincare product was this toner (or lotion, as it's referred to in Japan) that smells citrusy (leaning to the lemon side). It supposedly contains royal jelly and a whole buncha other stuff that I can't read, and something about melanin too.

I also got 3 products by "Nail Nail"- polish remover, nail strengthening coat, and a nail strengthening treatment cream.

That's pretty much it, and the total value of this HAPPY BAG is.......... ¥9135!!!!! That's nearly SG$150 (rounded up to nearest ten)!!! I've never been this lucky in my entire life.

Anyway, I also filmed a video 'unboxing' the HAPPY BAG and opening+swatching all the products, but my camera didn't focus on the close-ups. Also, the video is entirely in Japanese, and I was too lazy to add subtitles. Nonetheless, it's pretty self-explanatory so you can watch it to see all the swatched and unboxed products up close (albeit unfocused).

I jumped out of bed to answer the door, received my package, slapped on some makeup and filmed this, so my face is bloated from sleep. :( Plus, something's wrong with my camera, and it's washing out all red tones, so my cheeks and lips appear orange/yellow. DDD:



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