Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My busy August begins

My July was so uneventful and I basically lazed around at home all month, but that changes as my last month in Singapore begins.

My August is so jam-packed with plans to meet many people for farewells etc., so I finally have material to blog about again, and an excuse to dress up and take photos. Expect many selcas in future~ ^o^

On the first day of August, I went to meet F4TW minus the angmoh, and we filmed The Sample Life, then had posh high tea at PAUL, with mediocre food and mediocre service.

As I have retired from the food-reviewing industry, I won't say much except that I don't recommend it. The creme brulee was sub-par and service wasn't entirely pleasant either. Prices were exorbitant for what we got.


Nothing else to say here except that I'm suffering from chronic leg pains again (this hasn't happened since Primary school). Incidentally, I've gotten to the Visa-application stage of my preparation to leave already.

I was actually supposed to go get tested for my allergy tomorrow, but it's too expensive and I can buy so many shoes and dresses with that money, so I cancelled it this morning.



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