Friday, August 24, 2012


No, it's not purple- it's Instagram Amaro

If you follow my private Twitter, are my FB friend, aren't blind and can see my new blog design+banner, or you READ THE POST TITLE, you'd know I now have pink hair.

I asked for Ellie-Rose ashy pink-blonde, and I got dark fuchsia. IDE.

First, they dyed my hair in the pink-toned brown/red swatch I chose, which was pretty close to what I wanted. My hairstylist didn't want to bleach my hair because she said it'd make the colour fade quicker, which is true, but it's the only way to get the true colour...

So they dyed the pink-toned brown over my medium-light brown hair, and it came out a dark reddish brown which was honestly quite nice, but too modest and not eyecatching enough for me. She trimmed my hair as requested, they blow-dried my hair into nice coif, and I was ready to pay my $165 and leave when they pulled out another bowl of dye and started painting neon pink into my hair.

Usually dye is creamy and not the exact same colour as the intended turnout. This dye was shocking neon pink. I could see the stylists' gloves glowing pink. I sat there stunned because I finished reading my one volume of manga already, so I just stared blankly and couldn't gather my wits to ask what they were doing. I believe it was more of a colour toner than a dye, because it didn't sting my scalp at all. Or maybe the first dye had already burned off all nerves on my head so I couldn't feel anymore- I legit thought I was dying because it was so. insanely. painful.

They brought me to wash my hair again after a long time sitting under the heat fan thingamajig, and when I sat down in front of the mirror again, I looked like Dara in the I Love You MV, except not half-shaven.

I do like the colour, but I don't like how I'm bleeding pink everywhere- my towel, my pillowcase, everything that touches my wet hair in general. I get stares when I walk past (as Singaporeans themselves would say, "kua simi kua!"), but I was always one to enjoy any type of attention so idrc. Did I mention my hair ended up costing $236.90?!?!?!?! Because the pink stuff was apparently some high grade Elumen hairdye or something that cost $200 over- but they charged me the short hair price ($170) because they didn't ask my permission. ¬_¬ Sadly, my pink is slightly darker than Dara's, and will fade quickly too, but I've always wanted pink hair (since I read Gokinjo and ParaKiss when I was 14+), so I'm happy nonetheless. I won't give up till I get my Ellie-Rose ash pink, though. I can only have wild colours until I graduate!

I know it looks red, but it's actually dark pink. The more I look at my hair, the more I'm reminded of a certain brilliant girl I adore, in a certain MV...

Anyway, I also had my last BPC (at Jumbo, no less) for a year. I was too busy eating gleefully to take pictures of the other stuff, like cereal prawn, but these two BPCs are good enough for you.

I'm off to do my final nails in Singapore, so expect one of the best NOTM posts to come soon (once I reach Tokyo!), and yes- there will still be a post tomorrow!!! I can't believe I leave tonight/tomorrow morning. It seems like yesterday I just started counting down at a 3-digit number.

T-MINUS 14 till I leave the house, 17 till I fly- I've checked in online already!!!



  1. Bethany, take care in Japan!!! :-D

  2. i REALLY WANT ur hair color soo mmuch, been looking for a color like tat, but i couldnt find any, and im not about to pay that much to get that hair color, is there any hair dye like tat? : <