Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NOTM + selca マイネイルと自撮りセルカ

My last DIY NOTM before my final, farewell gel mani is this turquoise-gold thingamajig. It's actually For Audrey by China Glaze, which is a true Tiffany blue, but the Instagram filter makes it a more vibrant, lovelier turquoise.

Notice how my left index finger's nail is significantly, hideously shorter than the rest? One day some time back, I was rushing to leave the house so I wouldn't be late, and in my hurry to pull on my wedges, I forwent manually buckling the straps and decided to pull it on by force and chipped 2mm of my middle fingernail (can't remember which hand). I lamented that, but 2mm was barely noticeable and could be filed off the rest to even out.

Later that day, however, my other middle fingernail got caught on a thread on my shorts and 5mm of nail got ripped off NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd spent so long growing my nails out and with that, my nail whites were effectively halved.

The following day, I gave in and filed all my nails down to match the shortened middle fingernails. At that length, my nails probably would have grown out to the same length as before the entire tragedy began by the time I do my final gel mani. Of course, Murphy would never leave me alone. After filing my nails, I went to peel potatoes for my mom. The nail fairies must hate me or something, because as I was peeling potatoes, the potato-peeler sliced off every last bit of nail white on my left index finger. Fortunately, it only grazed my flesh, but THE REST OF MY NAIL LENGTH WAS. GONE.

I screamed.

Since then, I've been filing all my other nails down while keeping some length, in hope that my index fingernail will eventually be of equal length to the rest by my farewell mani appointment, but unless the nail fairies bless me with miracle overnight growth, that ain't happening.


A meh selca to complete the post. This was originally supposed to be a post about packing, but after taking the half-packed picture, I realised some stuff was private and shouldn't be posted on my blog HAHA.

Anyway, that half-packed luggage on Monday already exceeded my baggage allowance of 23kg. Yesterday, we put in more stuff so that I was 2/3 packed, and my suitcase couldn't close. Don't even bother weighing it. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Delta doesn't allow me to buy any more weight allowance, and there isn't a student allowance (SQ gives passengers on student visas an extra 10-15kg). Even if I had more weight allowance, I still have 1/3 more to pack, excluding my shoes and bags, and my suitcase won't close without me sitting on it!!!



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