Monday, August 20, 2012

Sistas4lyf & F4TW farewell

Last week, I had my farewells for Sistas4lyf and F4TW. Why last and not this week? 'Cos for S4L, Chris had to fly off to Taiwan for army stuff on Sunday, and for F4TW I originally gave them a day in my last week but of course as usual, things get rearranged so that's that.

S4L HANDmade the lovely board above (NOT photoframe- nice to see people reading my blog) for me of our photos over the 2+ years to hang in my dorm room, complete with a pink blingy B. ^o^/// Not to mention the blingy Juicy Couture bracelet they/we got for Jess and I (Jess for her birthday and me for my farewell). As usual, we had fun and all and I'll miss them.

The day before I met S4L, I also said my goodbyes to F4TW (or whatever's left of it). I also abused my EWF staff discount card for the last time until I (maybe) come back next year.

I have tons of errands to run this week, and the most important farewell to T too, and I have people still asking to meet me before I leave. Too bad, but I'm in high demand and I announced repeatedly on all platforms weeks ago to book my fast-filling schedule.



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