Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stocking up for the first 10 months of Tokyo

So in preparation for my first 10 months of Tokyo (I'll prolly hopefully come back for summer break before year 2), I've been stocking up on stuff that'll be 1. hard to get in Tokyo, 2. expensive in Tokyo, or 3. stuff that was simply on sale during GSS so I hauled it for Tokyo.

Above is some makeup. Not all were stocked for Tokyo- some were just bought in bulk previously and not used yet (the Japanese makeup obviously; I mean, why would I buy Japanese makeup here for Tokyo when it's so many times cheaper there?!). My makeup is 95% from Japanese brands, so I didn't have to stock much. Only the American brands that will be ridiculously marked up in Tokyo (like my Revlon lip butters- $20+ as compared to $10 on sale here) I had to stock up.

Soap and moisturiser were at attractive GSS prices and could not be forgone. My mom actually got so much soap it'll likely expire before I can use most of it.

Daily contact lenses. I use Freshlook Illuminate with a measly 13.8 diameter that doesn't really do anything enlargement-wise.

Monthly contact lenses. The dailies are for when I don't wanna dress up with these lenses, occasionally. These are definitely larger and I have multiples of some designs.

And yes, I even have toothbrushes stocked up. These were on sale when I last went to Malaysia so my mom got a bunch for me to bring to Tokyo lmao.

So that's pretty much what I have stocked up at the moment. Still have some stuff to get, and some I already opened and am using so there's no point taking pictures of it. You can tell I'm quite ready to go.




  1. Do you know where you'll be in Tokyo? I live in Tokyo now.

    1. Yes, I'll be in the ICU dorms at Mitaka :)