Friday, August 10, 2012

The AmaJing Race: starring Jessica

Yesterday, Sistas4lyf went out to celebrate JessJess' 19th birthday, AmaJing (J for Jess) Race style. I actually shot quite a bit of footage and planned to make it an episode to summarise this blogpost, but I was too lazy.

Basically, at the starting point, where the unsuspecting Jess expected to eat at a Japanese restaurant, Chris and WR made their ninja getaway and I presented her with her lunch- onigiri, within which was her clue.

After that, we moved on the the first station- an arcade, where she was to win something from the UFO catcher (better known as claw machine outside of Japan?). There, she got some random stranger to play for her because she couldn't win, but neither could the stranger.

The second station was PURIKURA~~~~~ 'Nuff said.

However, at this point she had gotten tired of walking so much in heels, so she decided to buy Havaianas, where there was a BFF sale where the second pair of slippers would be 25% off. So yes, she decided to approach some random stranger to share the bill with her, only to discover that she had no cash to pay him back. She proceeded to go and draw money, leaving me as hostage with her new 'BFF' and his companion, both of whom were covered in tattoos and standing watch over me. ¬_¬

Purikura is never complete without the selca in the booth for the good lighting.

Anyway, the third station brought us to Somerset, where she had to buy a drink with more than "4.8% nia" (quote Jessica) alcohol.

Finally, we could proceed to the ending station- dinner at Cedele.

I should also mention that the plan was for Jess to receive her present at the end of every station. I say "every station" because every present was a fake containing the clue. The real present was a bracelet (and they got me a matching one), so she got a fake one every station. I was supposed to receive my real one at the first station from her, but...

Of course.

Our matching fake bracelets

 And the real deal

I originally had an OOTD shot and some selcas for this post too, but since there are already so many photos, I'll save that for another post.

So yes, HBD Jess~



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