Thursday, August 30, 2012

TOKYO: Various things

To be honest, I leave the hotel every morning and come back late after dinner, so I have no time to blog and can also only upload pre-written posts either really early or really late...

Anyway, I'll go over what we did day by day until today- when my parents leave... (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

We arrived Saturday afternoon- I got some admins stuff done at administration, we bussed to Shinjuku, wandered around and got dinner (because by the time we reached it was nearly evening) at a depachika and brought it back to the hotel to eat.

Day 2, Sunday: Left early for Ueno to look for some food (for my mom), couldn't find it whilst melting in the sweltering heat, went over to Ochanomizu for church and came back to Shinjuku for dinner- Yoshinoya- which I had a crazy allergy reaction to, but hadn't known at that time it was the food.

Day 3, Monday: Got up early and headed over to Mitaka to settle more admin stuff, rushed to ICU for a tour of ICU with a Japanese girl one year my senior named Miwa. Met my dorm leader, Eri-san, after that to open a bank account on campus, then visited the dorm (for my parents to see what it's like). Had lunch in gakki, my school cafeteria!

Headed to Shibuya after to GET A PHONE. And as Murphy would have it, they're out of stock nation-wide of the phone I've been drooling over for the past few months. Then watch as Murphy cackles gleefully when I'm informed my second choice phone, which I spent some time picking, is also OOS. ¬_¬ Settled for something I don't really like (will do a post dedicated to phones in Japan and how to get them when you're a foreigner) but will do. D:

Day 4, Tuesday: Went to Harajuku in the morning, walked Takeshita-doori, went to Kiddyland, TOOK FAMILY PURIKURA, then headed to Akiba to get some electronic stuff and a late lunch, before heading back to Shinjuku to pack some depachika/conbini dinner back to the hotel again.

Day 5, Wednesday: Went to our previous home in Tokyo- Ikebukuro. We know that place a lot better than Shinjuku and kinda missed it, so we went there. Pictured above is our Ikebukuro haul ^o^ I mainly got gifts for other people okay!

Day 6: Today. I part with my parents. :( No elaboration.

That's about it for my holiday week in Tokyo. Tomorrow, I move into my dorm and begin university life... My 9-month break is over..... Let me curl up and die now.


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