Saturday, September 29, 2012

First NOTM from Tokyo


I'd like to say I've been excessively busy (which is true) so I couldn't post anything, but it's more of laziness because I could probably have found time to blog between my busyness. And also because I have no inspiration and editing/uploading photos are troublesome now that I don't have an iPhone.

Anyway, this is a simple mani I did yesterday. The two nail polishes are from pa, a Japanese brand with a wide selection of supacute colours/designs. The black flakes are already suspended in the polish, so it's a pretty effortless nail design. It looks complex and cute and like it took a lot of skill and effort, but it really isn't hard at all. こんなネイルをおすすめです。

I have a folder of photos to upload for posts, but the dorm festival and engeikai is this coming week, so I have practices and stuff to do in preparation and actual events the whole week so I'm really busy... (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) Not to mention the upcoming midterms and a whole bunch of other dorm events coming October.

Anyway, I'm not pre-writing this post and I really need to leave now to buy stuff for the play so TTYL~


Thursday, September 20, 2012

友達☆ My friends~

I tend to stay trapped in Mitaka/Musashisakai every weekday and can only go out on weekends so expect to only see お出かけ photos once a week. Anyway, this post is dedicated to my friends here in Tokyo, because I'm pretty sure my parents think I can't make any friends.

On Saturday, I went to Harajuku with Yurie~~~ Yurie is my roommate in 3WD, and believe it or not- she's 22 this year. ૮( ऀืົཽु ˙̫̮ ऀืົཽू)ა✧ I can't even begin to count how many people thought I was the senior roommate of the two of us...

Yurie is superduper cute and epic is so many ways. >3< She's prolly murder me in my sleep if I reveal all her embarrassing (but cute) points publicly though.

Next is Mai, my neighbour in 206 and an unwilling half-member of the Makeup & Selca Circle because I'm dragging her in (she's strangely against selca-ing). I go to her to talk about a lot of things. =͟͟͞͞ ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧ 色々な事ね・・・ She's a 15Septen but my age D: I feel so olddddd for a 16Septen. But if she keeps sleeping in and skipping classes, she'll prolly graduate the same year as me HAHA!

Wonちゃん from room 209 and the Makeup & Selca Circle. ʕ•̫͡•ིʔྀ

Photo by Kanako

There are also other 16Septens from other dorms I'm friends with, like Barbie and Kanako here. There are many more but at the moment this is the most recent photo from when I went out with these two~ And omg Kanako knows CREAM and knows Minami personally so she's going to the live with me at the end of the month yay yay yayyyyy~~~~~ Finally someone who knows of CREAM!!!

And from my JLP is Grace, doing Rola's "okke~" with me during lesson. ^3^

Of course, I have many many manyyyyy more friends (really), but I like keeping my blog visual, so since I don't have (pretty) photos of (myself with) them, I'll save that for some other day.

On Sunday, I went to church in Kichijoji with Wonちゃん and Keigo because Ochanomizu is kinda far, even if it's the only place that sells my corn snack... Unfortunately, because it's so near, we biked there. Except that by bike it suddenly becomes not that near- it was about 8km. So in total I biked over 16km, part of which was in pouring rain.

Apart from that, I've also been spending a lot of time on Bakayama with various people and I've become used to lying on dewy grass. I also need to do my laundry a lot more often because of that. But I'm too lazy to, so I'm kinda out of clothes to wear. Hanging laundry is also such a chore.

Tokyo is tragically not becoming any cooler at all, so it looks like I'll be in my t-shirts and shorts for a few more months (thank God I bought more). I need to go hang my laundry soon (or not), so じゃね〜


Monday, September 17, 2012

メイク&自撮りサークル Makeup & Selca Circle

In ICU, you can join clubs or circles. Usually clubs are for official sports and all that recognised by the school, whereas circles are created by the students for themselves over a common interest etc. I wanted to join at least one cos it seems really fun, but I was too lazy and it's gonna sap up all my free time anyway so I decided not to haha.

So I was talking about that, and Mai told me to create my own circle~ but idek what to make even if I create one, then Wonちゃん came in and Mai was like "why don't you two make your own makeup and 自撮り circle?"

And thus our circle/pair was born. I have an FB album dedicated to all our selca. =͟͟͞͞ ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧ TBH I have no idea what we do besides camwhoring. It's just that we like makeup (and fashion) so we get along~ Wonちゃん大好き〜〜〜


Friday, September 14, 2012

Dorm initiation week/performance

I believe I mentioned something about this in brief before, but decided to dedicate an entire post to the nightmare this was.

Basically, all new dormitory students are supposed to come up with a theme for their respective dorms and wear a costume according to that theme for an entire school week (5 days), complete with a dance performance on bakayama at the end of the week.

3WD had 7 newbies, so they decided it'd be a great idea to do something 7- like the bloody seven dwarfs (with an f because Disney is American). We were actually between Disney Princesses and Seven Dwarfs, and I liked neither- but the former was the better of the two. And how could Murphy be Murphy if he didn't give me the exact opposite of what I want? I don't even know the names of any of the dwarves.

I eventually got over it and got to be the only beardless dwarf because I refused to put something unsanitary on my face for 5 days to absorb all the sweat, oil and bacteria off my face and break me out. Incidentally, other dorms got to be normal things like movie heroes/villains, Gangnam Style, Disney characters etc., and some less normal...

 Me as a bloody dwarf with my dormmate and another girl from Canada House (the male dorm)

I had to stay up late to sew the hat, and wash it because I didn't wanna put something dirty on my head... I might have a cleanliness OCD.

I don't have as many pictures as I thought I would've (above photo was stolen from the dormmate pictured) because 1. I didn't really wanna be seen online in that getup and 2. it's troublesome carrying a camera around/my phone camera sucks.

Taken by Shuang!

Moving on, 3WD's 3 songs for the dance were 1. Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen), 2. Like This (Wonder Girls) and 3. Memeshikute (I don't even know). I was in charge of learning/re-choreographing the Like This dance and teaching it to the other 6. Let's just say I don't have a future in teaching anything.

Anyway, enough talking and here's the dance. Turn your volume up please~

I also have videos of all the other dorms (only uploaded the appropriate ones...) so you can just go to my channel to see them~ Maybe I'll dedicate another post to all the other performances, but the star of this post is 3WD so I'll end here.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ICU/University life: courses and whatever

So, I posted a picture of my handmade class schedule previously, but only because the official version hadn't been available then. Above is the official one (without timings, hence the need for a handmade one anyway) so you can see all the official names and codes of my courses whatnot.

Today marks my 5th school day since classes started, so I've completed a week of university. The initiation dances also began today, and mine is tomorrow. But that's not the point of this post- there's another dedicated to that. I'm gonna talk about my 4 different classes this term.

Firstly, what nearly no September student can escape (as worded by every other ICU student who has a blog): JLP. As I mentioned before, I was placed in J4 and to be honest I'm finding it a little too slow. I'm not learning anything I don't know yet, hence I'm not improving, and I need to improve ASAP so I can start taking courses in Japanese that I'm actually remotely interested in.

Sadly, they're really strict about moving up classes (less so for being demoted), and I've heard that the difficulty difference is really large so I don't know if I can cope if I even am able to upgrade to J5. Moving up to J5 would also mean that I finish JLP hell sooner, and conversely that I'd need to take more general education/foundation courses. D:

Moving on, we have my general education course: Economy and Economics. Those who know me, especially from JC, know how much I detest Economics despite being Economics representative (I did it for my testimonial). I got straight Us for my entire J2 year and miraculously scraped by 'A's with a C. Fortunately, this is a gen ed. course so they assume people don't know anything about Econs at all and I'm doing J1 work all over again. The course is also only 3 months, so we probably won't get anywhere hard before I finish the term. What we've done so far? Supply and demand.

We're supposed to buy a textbook for this class (optional) and I really don't wanna waste money on it since I'm only taking it for 3 months, but my neighbour in 3WD is also taking the course, so we were thinking of sharing a textbook. Maybe. Idk.

Thirdly, the dreaded gorochi. Gorochi is basically a Japanese abbreviation of go-roku-shichi, which means five-six-seven, referring to the 3 periods it takes up. Each period is 1 hour 10 minutes, so plus the 10 minute breaks in between, a gorochi is basically a hellish 4-hour class. I had this class for the first time yesterday, and when the professor (who prefers to be referred to as Ryan) found out I was a 16 Septen in my first term, he asked the class to explain what a gorochi was to me. Someone answered "death".

Unexpectedly, I actually know people taking this class. First is Miwa, who was my tour guide when my parents and I visited ICU the week I moved in. Second is Obi, a guy from 2MD who gave me a ride back to my dorm before because I couldn't bike in the dark. Lastly, there's Rei- the guy whose blog I've been stalking for months to find out more about ICU.

Anyway, about the class itself- Introduction to Religious Studies. I think I've accidentally signed myself up for the most confusing, controversial class ever. It's a foundation class under Philosophy, so of course there's gonna be unanswerable questions. First thing we had to answer- "what is religion?", followed by "what is spirituality?" and "what is belief?" Ryan (the professor) says it's his goal to make those with religions sad, and those without religions sad, and everyone sad to compensate for his own sadness. I don't know whether or not to take him seriously, but he's pretty entertaining, and managed to make the 4-hour class not feel that long (partially because he released us 30min early). This class really makes you think about everything you've believed in until now, break it down and makes you question yourself. さすがPhilosophy. I can think of so many people who would be insanely offended if they sat through 5 minutes of this class.

Sadly, most of yesterday's lesson was like introductions and discussion, which won't happen much from next week onwards, so I'm going back to dreading Tuesday gorochis.

Lastly, there's PE. I don't even. I couldn't escape PE when I went to JC, and I can't escape PE even as far as in uni. We have to run, and next week we have to swim. Can you believe that?! SWIM!!! I also have to take PE lectures in Japanese once I'm proficient enough, or I can't graduate (if I had placed in a lower JLP level I wouldn't have to take lectures). PE lessons are also in Japanese and I'm just stoning half the time. I vaguely get most of what's going on, but I don't wanna let the teacher know I do. Maybe if I pretend I don't understand anything at all, I could get away with not running? Have I mentioned I have to take PE for 2 years?! After the first two terms, I get to choose what I do, like yoga or dance etc., but until then I have to run. and. swim.

Besides classes, I've slowly gotten better at riding the bike. I can make turns now without stopping and getting off the bike, and I'm a little more stable already. I ride the bike to class nearly everyday, even though we're the nearest dorm to the honkan (main building), because biking is less tiring than walking. I also biked to Don Quijote and back on Monday (to buy nail polish because my gel nails fell off...), which is a total of about 4km!!! By myself!!! To be fair, it's basically a straight route all the way from ICU, so I can't really get lost, but STILL, IT'S ME.

That's about it for my AY12 courses and some bike news. I'll probably talk more about my courses once a few more weeks have passed, since we're still in the honeymoon first week now. I'm just really dreading PE. And gorochis.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tokyo life


So what have I been doing outside of obediently attending classes (so far)? Well, I went shopping with my uni mates!!! In Shibuya!!! And took purikura!!!

These are Barbie and Natsumi and they're both ichiroku Septens (4yr student graduating in 2016) like me. I originally wasn't expecting to make any friends outside of my dorm because it's uni and you hardly have same classes with the same people ever, but contrary to my father's conviction, I do have friends.

Obligatory Hachiko photo~

I also made PURINNNNNNN (ok mainly my roommate) because Yurie (roomie) and I were like "I want purin... but the station is so far away (the station sells fresh purin) and I don't want packaged purin... I'm lazy... so let's make it from scratch cos we're not lazy enough to not do that." And mainly because Yurie had a bunch of eggs that were about to expire and we needed to get rid of them somehow. FYI, it tasted. so. good. Albeit a bit eggier than I would have liked.

Have I also mentioned that I FELL OFF MY BIKE?!?!?!?!?!?! I was just innocently riding back to ICU from getting groceries and this old geezer rode so close to me he basically was brushing me already and I can barely ride a bike at all, and in my considerate action of trying to avoid him and the close shave that ensued, I crashed at high speed on the pavement and bled. I have at least 5 hideous bruises that you may see if you scrutinise the Hachiko picture above.

Due to the crash, something went wrong with my bike and it made this scary loud clickety clacking noise when I pedaled, so I had to get it fixed. Fortunately, some genius from 2MD fixed it free for me so I didn't have to pay some bike shop for repairs. Yay~!

I've also been up late every night dancing (dance practice) for the initiation performance, so I'm really tired. Even so, I somehow weirdly wake up really early everyday without an alarm. Like I'd be up at 6am and it'd be really bright outside and idek why I'm awake.

I'm slowly getting used to life here and living in a dorm is somewhat normal for me now. I'm fine with the shared showers already and my bed is quite comfortable. The room doesn't feel as small as I thought it would, and my roommate is very pleasant so no problems with everything here. It also gets really cold at night so the heat isn't a problem when sleeping.

Okay, I have to go to church so look forward to more Tokyo posts soon.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

University/Dorm update (and a bike)

Just the view from the roof of my dorm- yes, I live in a forest.

This is the first post I'm writing since I moved into my dorm. I've been uploading pre-written posts from my holiday week, and barely even had time to do that.

3WD welcoming party

So last Friday, I finally moved into ICU 3WD and had my Matriculation ceremony on Saturday. I am now officially a university student. D: I got a bike, learnt to ride a bike, and am riding the bike semi-frequently now. Mainly when I'm really late for something on campus.

Guess which is mine?

 Surprisingly not pink, but turquoise~ 

Last Saturday, we went out to get living necessities and bikes, so the bike-less people rode on the back of other people's bike. It started storming so hard halfway and the rain managed to pelt my contact lenses out. ¬_¬ My hair also got wet, and since I was wearing a white shirt, it got stained pink. More great. Surprisingly, amidst that all, my makeup stayed perfect. Eyeliner, lashes and all from the ceremony. :O

Orientation started on Monday and we were briefed on classes and how to register for them etc. We also had to sit for the JLP test to determine our level and place us in the most appropriate class. I had actually been contemplating starting as a beginner on the Intensive course because I've never actually properly learnt any Japanese (just picked it up here and there), so I may know something from even the higher levels, but I wouldn't fully know even the beginner level completely so it's really confusing. In the end, the test placed me in JLP4 (out of 6), so I just hope I can cope. Out of the 90 kanji questions, I left 43 blank in the test... and guessed 6... so I can't do more than half of it.

Entered lottery for Econs as a Gen Ed. course for this term only so I can clear my Gen Ed. requirements ASAP. Not looking forward to another 3 months of Micro/Macro. Taking Introduction to Reglious Studies as part of the Philosophy and Religion major elective. Worst news about placing JLP4? I have to take PE lectures. D:

Classes start tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. Initiation week also starts tomorrow and I have to dress up according to a theme I'll blog about sometime soon (hopefully). We newbies also need to choreograph/teach/learn a dance to perform on Bakayama at the end of initiation week. Everyone also asks me how my dorm is and since there isn't anything about 3WD online, I think I'll do a separate post on that another time (hopefully soon).

So that was a brief summary of life after moving in I guess? Oh right- we also have "tsukimi" (moon-viewing, although no moon is viewed during the tsukimi, really) nightly for 3 days, where we visit the other dorms and get to know them. ^3^

I'm insanely busy (barely have time to write this) and don't have any more pre-written posts to upload, so I doubt I'll be able to continue with daily posts. Maybe just slight more frequent than fort-nightly if I'm lucky.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I will never need to buy tissue in Tokyo

My 'haul' over 4 days of walking around Tokyo (mainly near train stations). I love Tokyo.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Lipton × Samantha Thavasa promotion

See this cute Samantha Thavasa Aimi bear keychain??? It was free with a ¥100+ drink at FamiMa!!!

Lipton often collaborates with big brands to offer cute keychains for free- for example Pierre Herme, Fauchon, and some big hotels. Samantha Thavasa is just one of many. This gives commoners a chance to own something with a big brand name slapped on it (or just something more than likely to be very very cute), for 0% of the price it'd otherwise cost (and lower quality, of course).

There are many designs to choose from, and I got the only bear left in the FamiMa I was at.

If you're in Japan, you should hope that Lipton has some ongoing collaboration promotion and snag a cute souvenir! (For the record, I didn't drink the lemon tea... orz)