Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tokyo life


So what have I been doing outside of obediently attending classes (so far)? Well, I went shopping with my uni mates!!! In Shibuya!!! And took purikura!!!

These are Barbie and Natsumi and they're both ichiroku Septens (4yr student graduating in 2016) like me. I originally wasn't expecting to make any friends outside of my dorm because it's uni and you hardly have same classes with the same people ever, but contrary to my father's conviction, I do have friends.

Obligatory Hachiko photo~

I also made PURINNNNNNN (ok mainly my roommate) because Yurie (roomie) and I were like "I want purin... but the station is so far away (the station sells fresh purin) and I don't want packaged purin... I'm lazy... so let's make it from scratch cos we're not lazy enough to not do that." And mainly because Yurie had a bunch of eggs that were about to expire and we needed to get rid of them somehow. FYI, it tasted. so. good. Albeit a bit eggier than I would have liked.

Have I also mentioned that I FELL OFF MY BIKE?!?!?!?!?!?! I was just innocently riding back to ICU from getting groceries and this old geezer rode so close to me he basically was brushing me already and I can barely ride a bike at all, and in my considerate action of trying to avoid him and the close shave that ensued, I crashed at high speed on the pavement and bled. I have at least 5 hideous bruises that you may see if you scrutinise the Hachiko picture above.

Due to the crash, something went wrong with my bike and it made this scary loud clickety clacking noise when I pedaled, so I had to get it fixed. Fortunately, some genius from 2MD fixed it free for me so I didn't have to pay some bike shop for repairs. Yay~!

I've also been up late every night dancing (dance practice) for the initiation performance, so I'm really tired. Even so, I somehow weirdly wake up really early everyday without an alarm. Like I'd be up at 6am and it'd be really bright outside and idek why I'm awake.

I'm slowly getting used to life here and living in a dorm is somewhat normal for me now. I'm fine with the shared showers already and my bed is quite comfortable. The room doesn't feel as small as I thought it would, and my roommate is very pleasant so no problems with everything here. It also gets really cold at night so the heat isn't a problem when sleeping.

Okay, I have to go to church so look forward to more Tokyo posts soon.


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