Wednesday, September 5, 2012

University/Dorm update (and a bike)

Just the view from the roof of my dorm- yes, I live in a forest.

This is the first post I'm writing since I moved into my dorm. I've been uploading pre-written posts from my holiday week, and barely even had time to do that.

3WD welcoming party

So last Friday, I finally moved into ICU 3WD and had my Matriculation ceremony on Saturday. I am now officially a university student. D: I got a bike, learnt to ride a bike, and am riding the bike semi-frequently now. Mainly when I'm really late for something on campus.

Guess which is mine?

 Surprisingly not pink, but turquoise~ 

Last Saturday, we went out to get living necessities and bikes, so the bike-less people rode on the back of other people's bike. It started storming so hard halfway and the rain managed to pelt my contact lenses out. ¬_¬ My hair also got wet, and since I was wearing a white shirt, it got stained pink. More great. Surprisingly, amidst that all, my makeup stayed perfect. Eyeliner, lashes and all from the ceremony. :O

Orientation started on Monday and we were briefed on classes and how to register for them etc. We also had to sit for the JLP test to determine our level and place us in the most appropriate class. I had actually been contemplating starting as a beginner on the Intensive course because I've never actually properly learnt any Japanese (just picked it up here and there), so I may know something from even the higher levels, but I wouldn't fully know even the beginner level completely so it's really confusing. In the end, the test placed me in JLP4 (out of 6), so I just hope I can cope. Out of the 90 kanji questions, I left 43 blank in the test... and guessed 6... so I can't do more than half of it.

Entered lottery for Econs as a Gen Ed. course for this term only so I can clear my Gen Ed. requirements ASAP. Not looking forward to another 3 months of Micro/Macro. Taking Introduction to Reglious Studies as part of the Philosophy and Religion major elective. Worst news about placing JLP4? I have to take PE lectures. D:

Classes start tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. Initiation week also starts tomorrow and I have to dress up according to a theme I'll blog about sometime soon (hopefully). We newbies also need to choreograph/teach/learn a dance to perform on Bakayama at the end of initiation week. Everyone also asks me how my dorm is and since there isn't anything about 3WD online, I think I'll do a separate post on that another time (hopefully soon).

So that was a brief summary of life after moving in I guess? Oh right- we also have "tsukimi" (moon-viewing, although no moon is viewed during the tsukimi, really) nightly for 3 days, where we visit the other dorms and get to know them. ^3^

I'm insanely busy (barely have time to write this) and don't have any more pre-written posts to upload, so I doubt I'll be able to continue with daily posts. Maybe just slight more frequent than fort-nightly if I'm lucky.



  1. hehehe must post more :D your blog is very interesting to read! and do japanese people ride bikes a lot o.O

    1. I would if I could, but I'm super busy especially since classes start tomorrow DDDDD: But thanks! Yeah, they do- especially at my uni, because the campus is so huge you need a bike to get to the gym building, or to bike to class when you're late (gonna happen to me a lot), and to get to the station which is like a 3omin ride away and would otherwise cost ¥210 one-way by bus DDDDD: I fell off my bike today at high speed, btw.

  2. Hey Bethany, Abigail from SA here! It's cool to see you living/studying in Japan :)

    AND I LOVE YOUR BIKE :O I want something like that too! But in white!

    Anw, good luck with all your classes! :)