Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aqua Gradient NOTM + Mai's nails

It's not like I rarely do my nails, but rather that I don't do a NOTM every time I do my nails because either 1. they're just plain polish or 2. they're just repeat designs I've posted before.

This most recent one however, is a design I haven't done since 2009 because that nail polish dried up and wasn't in production anymore. Found a similar one by pa here in Japan, so I got it and tried it once more. It's so time-consuming that I probably will never be doing it ever again. I'm really happy with it, though.

While I was at it, I also did Mai's nails because I can only do others' nails before I do mine or I'll mess mine up. Last time I did my nails, I also did Sayaka's. Next time, it's gonna be Won. There's like a queue of people who wanna get their nails done...

Anyway, what I did for Mai was just basic one-colour polish and no design in the same pa polish as my previous NOTM. Because of the black flakes in the polish, it doesn't look plain so I love this polish and I'll probably end up getting all the different colours as the months pass.

That's about it for now, so until the next post.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

More injuries and selcas etc.

It seems like that's all I ever blog about nowadays.

So the other day, I went to Gourmet City (this supermarket near ICU) to get some food. I found this spicy fried chicken on a skewer for ¥105 which looked pretty good (and it is SO good- just bought 4 more sticks and finished them before typing this), so I got it. I decided I wanted to eat it on the way home, which meant whilst I was biking. So I did.

After cycling across the road, I put my left hand, which was holding the chicken, on the handlebar just for extra balance support as I was turning. Then I totally forgot I wasn't actually holding the handlebar but merely touching it with my fingers, and let go of my right hand to adjust something in my basket. Oh hello there, tree. Bam- big bruise on my right knee and minor bloody scratches on my left arm.

That wasn't so bad because I got to escape running during PE thanks to it. Unfortunately, the very next morning, as I was running late for TGC 'cos I forgot my Suica and had to rush back to get it, I was speeding and swerving round a very sharp turn and slipped off the curb and went flying across the road.

I'm actually more upset than anything that I ripped my brand new, expensive tights from Shibuya 109 on the very first day wearing them. Of course, the pain then kicked in and blood dripped down my knee and both palms (it's a lot worse than it looks in the photo above), which is relly inconvenient because I can't really use my hands for anything now. This has been my absolute worst bike accident to date. And something's wrong with the parking brake of my bike now.

That aside, there's this purin-ery at Musashi-sakai station and across Tokyo in general called Pastel, where I spend enough money to have a point card. I'm usually at Sakai (for short) at least once a week (yes, that's how little I leave the area) to go to church, so I buy purin then.

Let me introduce you all to Japanese marketing techniques, in which they con me into paying some hundred yen more just for a cute purin cup housing the exact same purin as the regular-priced one.

Same applies to coffee.

And bread. THIS IS BREAD.

I also had this awesome dessert which looks and is very similar to creme brulee, except that instead of custard below, IT'S ICE CREAM.

So that's an aspect of my life in Instagram photos (save the bloodied shot), and I have yet to write the post on Engeikai, plus I needa do one on THE TGC soon, once I've filtered and edited 800 photos. Season is turning, finals are coming (come on, I barely got my midterm results back- scored nearly perfect for JLP, FYI!), and hence holidays are coming!!! Hopefully I'll find more time to live and blog in the coming months, and hopefully I'll get a job so I have ¥¥¥ (which conflicts with the former statement 'cos then I definitely wouldn't have time).

Until then,


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Septen会s, Selcas & Ailments

Hooray for more selcas from Mai and Yurie's phones~ ꒰ ◍ᵒ̌ૢ௰ᵒ̌ૢ ꒱

First two from Mai's phone from Engeikai practices, second two from Yurie's phone before Dorm Festival Dinner!

More from before 寮際ディナー 16, 15, 14, 13 Septens ♡

Excuse the makeup-less faces. >///< So the other night, we were supposed to go out with some people with the other dorms, but that got cancelled so we decided to have our own 女子会 (girls' gathering? girls' night in this context?) in 3WD's social room. ;_;

Mai and I cycled out to get snacks, Macs and drinks, and we realised when we got back that we had exactly one Septen from each year! Me (16), Mai (15), Won (14) and Yurie (13)~ After that, Alyssa joined us too and we had five Septens to make a セプテ女子会〜☆

Then Won, who had heard of my legendary delicious Shin ramen, said she wanted to have my ramen. At 2 am. So I sacrificed my few days' worth of rations and cooked for them (they're supposed to pay me back in more Shin ramen [and eggs please] but they haven't so I have nothing to eat, people!!!). Of course, my ramen lived up to its reputation and tasted like heaven. =͟͟͞͞ ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧

Moving on, we had a nabe party with (like 1/10th of) Canada House in our social room the other day. I don't actually eat nabe so all I had was some chicken, udon, and the choux creme they brought over (which was awesome). That night, for some reason, I was even more accident-prone than usual, and slipped on the stairs three times. I barely caught myself twice, but I actually fell down the stairs once. And I just had to hit my shin on the corner of the step exactly where I have a 3week-old bruise from falling off my bike. So that extremely serious bruise that already wasn't going away now isn't gonna go away for even longer. ¬_¬

That's not all. I don't even know why, but my body hurts so, so much. My right ankle hurts when I walk, so I think I might have twisted it when I fell down the stairs. My left shoulder hurts a lot too, and so does my left knee and so many other parts of my body that I can't even differentiate any more because EVERY. THING. HURTS. Have I mentioned I'm really poor too?

The season is finally turning in Mitaka, and it's getting pretty cold here. It's generally around 15-18ºC recently, and even colder at night. Of course, I don't own anything below the upper 1/3 of my thigh, so I'm still living in t-shirts and shorts, just with sweaters and tights added. And my boots aren't gonna be here till end November, so I might just die. I don't have a single coat either.

I'm really hungry.


Thursday, October 11, 2012


A few months ago, back when I was still in Singapore, I discovered this pre-debuted artist called CREAM (CREAtive tEAM) who wrote their own original songs, recorded them and put them on YouTube. Just recently, they started releasing some of their songs for free download every 2 weeks, as well as released some rental albums/e-albums. Before that, I had to rip audio from YouTube to listen to them from my iPod.

I can confidently say that CREAM is my absolute favourite artist, and nobody knows them because they didn't take the regular debut route. I think they'll be getting a lot more famous soon, though, because they did sing the theme song for Yamada Yu's most recent drama, VISION.

Anyway, I knew that I definitely had to go for a CREAM live show (also known as Nama Cream- a Japanese pun too troublesome to explain) once I got to Tokyo. I missed a few because they were on school nights, but eventually there was one on a weekend and it was free entry!!! I managed to convince Mai and Alyssa to come with me, and was talking about it one day when Kanako overheard me, and turns out she knows CREAM too!!! The first one I've met~

Not only does Kanako know CREAM, Minami from the duo is her senior from high school! We decided to go together, and Mai abandoned us because she didn't know CREAM and couldn't be bothered to come. ¬_¬ In the end, it was just Kanako, Alyssa (who doesn't know CREAM either, but still came) and I. We had to run across Shibuya to make it in within the free-entry time limit.

Boy, was running worth it. We had to wait hours for the live to start, but we were forceful gaijins and forced our way to dead center front row!!! Minami was so amazing and gorgeous IRL.

Because I was smack middle front row, while I was waving my hands to the music, Staxx T grabbed my hands for half a minute!!!!!

We also got a free CREAM sticker because we were within the first 100 to enter! ૮( ऀืົཽु ˙̫̮ ऀืົཽू)ა✧

Anyway, enough raving- I've been meaning to share CREAM on my blog for ages but never got around to doing it, so I'd like to introduce my favourite artists ever:

This is my absolute favourite song of theirs, and I have even the rap memorised. Sadly, they didn't sing this at the live I went to. As I type this right now, they are having a live in Shibuya again, but it's a school night, so I can't go. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Anyway, I high recommend CREAM, and if you want my next few favourite songs, they're Be Alright, Whatever & Kissing. I basically like everything they sing, but these are the top few!

I'm definitely going to a CREAM live again, especially now that I live in Tokyo. Incidentally, that night I tweeted about being at the CREAM live all the way from Singapore, and both Minami and Staxx T retweeted me~~~ =͟͟͞͞ ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧

In case you can't already tell, I'm having an awesome time living the Tokyo life, so much that I barely have the time to blog anymore, but I'm trying. I can't even take that many photos on a daily basis anymore because my phone's camera sucks. All the photos in this post were shamelessly stolen from Kanako. But let's not think about that and just enjoy the music~


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Random things

I'd like to say I'm a blogger, but I'm a university student, even if I still don't believe it. I've been busy with classes (kinda, not really) and dorm festival activites and engeikai so I really don't have time. I can honestly say that today is the first time I got on my computer properly for more than an hour. I have accrued video subscriptions and blog posts to watch/read for weeks because I haven't been online in forever. Not to mention manga- it's been weeks.

This first series of selcas was taken with my roomie's new iPhone, because my own phone camera sucks. This was when she was cleaning her side of the room and I was rotting because I skipped class due to nausea and a cold (went to gorochi, though).

Selcaing on my MacBook with Yurie at 4am after having MacDonald's and snacks at 2am.

And these few are from when Grace and I went to Shibuya for a class project (in which we completed our task on the way to 109 and just shopped the rest of the time).

A mini OOTD within this otherwise irrelevant post. Won't bother listing the items because they're nearly identical to what I wore to the Lowry's Farm fashion show.

From the daily engeikai practices (it was part of my role to selca on stage, so I do have selcas from the honban too- wait for another post, which may or may not take forever to come into existence) with 3WD and Taisho, our main character! Wondering about the horrible quality? Yeah- it's my phone.

From GREET Dean's Reception. Photos from Akki's phone and Leona's camera respectively!

From whenever I go out and selca with Mai's phone. ꒰ ◍ᵒ̌ૢ௰ᵒ̌ૢ ꒱

The moon.

The reason for my lack of sleep- needing to wake up early on a SATURDAY morning for fire drill for dorm students.

Care package from Singapore~~~

Cooked instant pasta from Singapore~

My ginormous pack of umaibo which I inhale at a scarily fast rate.

That's about all I can afford to cram in. I need to sleep soon (yes, this is pre-written) because I have 1gen tomorrow (the day I'm uploading this). I have many things I wanna blog about, and Monday's a national holiday and dorm festival ends tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have time over the long weekend to draft some posts!