Saturday, October 20, 2012

More injuries and selcas etc.

It seems like that's all I ever blog about nowadays.

So the other day, I went to Gourmet City (this supermarket near ICU) to get some food. I found this spicy fried chicken on a skewer for ¥105 which looked pretty good (and it is SO good- just bought 4 more sticks and finished them before typing this), so I got it. I decided I wanted to eat it on the way home, which meant whilst I was biking. So I did.

After cycling across the road, I put my left hand, which was holding the chicken, on the handlebar just for extra balance support as I was turning. Then I totally forgot I wasn't actually holding the handlebar but merely touching it with my fingers, and let go of my right hand to adjust something in my basket. Oh hello there, tree. Bam- big bruise on my right knee and minor bloody scratches on my left arm.

That wasn't so bad because I got to escape running during PE thanks to it. Unfortunately, the very next morning, as I was running late for TGC 'cos I forgot my Suica and had to rush back to get it, I was speeding and swerving round a very sharp turn and slipped off the curb and went flying across the road.

I'm actually more upset than anything that I ripped my brand new, expensive tights from Shibuya 109 on the very first day wearing them. Of course, the pain then kicked in and blood dripped down my knee and both palms (it's a lot worse than it looks in the photo above), which is relly inconvenient because I can't really use my hands for anything now. This has been my absolute worst bike accident to date. And something's wrong with the parking brake of my bike now.

That aside, there's this purin-ery at Musashi-sakai station and across Tokyo in general called Pastel, where I spend enough money to have a point card. I'm usually at Sakai (for short) at least once a week (yes, that's how little I leave the area) to go to church, so I buy purin then.

Let me introduce you all to Japanese marketing techniques, in which they con me into paying some hundred yen more just for a cute purin cup housing the exact same purin as the regular-priced one.

Same applies to coffee.

And bread. THIS IS BREAD.

I also had this awesome dessert which looks and is very similar to creme brulee, except that instead of custard below, IT'S ICE CREAM.

So that's an aspect of my life in Instagram photos (save the bloodied shot), and I have yet to write the post on Engeikai, plus I needa do one on THE TGC soon, once I've filtered and edited 800 photos. Season is turning, finals are coming (come on, I barely got my midterm results back- scored nearly perfect for JLP, FYI!), and hence holidays are coming!!! Hopefully I'll find more time to live and blog in the coming months, and hopefully I'll get a job so I have ¥¥¥ (which conflicts with the former statement 'cos then I definitely wouldn't have time).

Until then,



  1. there's a pattern here:

    outings parties concerts and shopping interspersed with regular bike accidents.