Sunday, October 7, 2012

Random things

I'd like to say I'm a blogger, but I'm a university student, even if I still don't believe it. I've been busy with classes (kinda, not really) and dorm festival activites and engeikai so I really don't have time. I can honestly say that today is the first time I got on my computer properly for more than an hour. I have accrued video subscriptions and blog posts to watch/read for weeks because I haven't been online in forever. Not to mention manga- it's been weeks.

This first series of selcas was taken with my roomie's new iPhone, because my own phone camera sucks. This was when she was cleaning her side of the room and I was rotting because I skipped class due to nausea and a cold (went to gorochi, though).

Selcaing on my MacBook with Yurie at 4am after having MacDonald's and snacks at 2am.

And these few are from when Grace and I went to Shibuya for a class project (in which we completed our task on the way to 109 and just shopped the rest of the time).

A mini OOTD within this otherwise irrelevant post. Won't bother listing the items because they're nearly identical to what I wore to the Lowry's Farm fashion show.

From the daily engeikai practices (it was part of my role to selca on stage, so I do have selcas from the honban too- wait for another post, which may or may not take forever to come into existence) with 3WD and Taisho, our main character! Wondering about the horrible quality? Yeah- it's my phone.

From GREET Dean's Reception. Photos from Akki's phone and Leona's camera respectively!

From whenever I go out and selca with Mai's phone. ꒰ ◍ᵒ̌ૢ௰ᵒ̌ૢ ꒱

The moon.

The reason for my lack of sleep- needing to wake up early on a SATURDAY morning for fire drill for dorm students.

Care package from Singapore~~~

Cooked instant pasta from Singapore~

My ginormous pack of umaibo which I inhale at a scarily fast rate.

That's about all I can afford to cram in. I need to sleep soon (yes, this is pre-written) because I have 1gen tomorrow (the day I'm uploading this). I have many things I wanna blog about, and Monday's a national holiday and dorm festival ends tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have time over the long weekend to draft some posts!


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