Monday, November 19, 2012


Autumn sunset outside one of ICU's side/back gates.

Right outside my window.

FYI, it was 2ºC the other night. Earlier that night it had been 4ºC, and I went out in shorts, stocking-leggings till the calf and beach sandals. My toes nearly dropped off. And I still walk around campus in my denim shorts and beach sandals. Even in 11ºC. I think I'm pretty used to the cold already.

Aaaahhh, it's autumn.


Friday, November 16, 2012

The first term of university

Without me noticing, I've become a full-fledged university student as the curtain falls on the Autumn term of my freshman year. Lessons have ended, my finals are over, and I only have a final report left to write for one of my courses. The weather is turning and it's most definitely not summer anymore, contrary to what my dressing might suggest (I came bearing a wardrobe from an equatorial land, okay?).

I guess I'm supposed to reflect on how life has been as a university student, but honestly speaking, it's still so surreal. I'm hardly behaving like a university student, so my mind hasn't registered that fact yet. My JLP is so painfully low-level that I feel like I'm in some free language lesson at a community centre, not in a university. I only took 2 other courses besides JLP, so my days were excessively free, and I really might just be on a 4-year holiday after all.

But that could all change when when results for the Autumn term come out, and my GPA turns out to be something horrifying. I have yet to get a job, and honestly don't want to. I mean- I want the money, but I don't want the work. I had an interview that was postponed then cancelled because the kid wanted a male tutor. ¬_¬ I guess it's fate for me not to get a job.

Honestly, much of the past 2+ months I've spent playing and living a true university lifestyle- the non-educational part of it. Being in a dorm is really awesome because I'm around my friends 24/7, and it really is true that dorm students tend to have their social lives revolve around other dorm students (in that majority of my friends are from my dorm or the dorms we frequently associate with).

I have to say that living in a dorm is probably the only thing keeping me sane right now. I can't even say that shopping keeps me sane anymore because I've been too poor to shop in over a month. If I hadn't been in a dorm, I'd probably be living in an apartment alone. It's not just about having a roommate, but also neighbours and two whole floors or friends. If it's an apartment, I highly doubt I'd even fraternise with the people next door. After all, In my 10 years of living in my family's apartment in Singapore, I'd never spoken to any of my neighbours. Ever.

Hence, if I was living alone in an apartment, I'd probably never have the chance to make so many friends and have so much fun, and I'd also be extremely, extremely lonely. Before coming to Tokyo, I already predicted that I was gonna be so lonely and sad living by myself away from my family for the first time. Fortunately, since coming to the dorm, I've been surrounded by people 24/7 so much that I have never had the chance to feel lonely. That's not to say I don't miss my parents, but the fact is that I share a room with someone, people visit, and I visit other rooms all the time, I'm socialising every waking hour, and it elevates loneliness in the best possible way.

I've made so many friends here that I never expected to be so 仲良し with when I first met them. I get along awesomely with my roomie, and I really couldn't ask for anyone perfecter to be my first roommate ever (her ego is gonna inflate so much when she sees this, and she's gonna bring it up every time I say something about her again... do I really wanna upload this?). My next-door neighbours on both sides have also unexpectedly ended up becoming the people I hang out with most. I say unexpectedly because they're totally different from my first impressions of them. TBH, in my first 2 weeks of dorm life, I really hated it because I hadn't gotten used to it yet, and I REALLY missed my parents. But now, I never wanna move out of 3WD for the rest of my life.

Of course, while most of my life revolves around the dorm, I do have friends outside of it. I get along well with some girls from my cohort (16 Septens), and I have friends from some of the other dorms too. Oh gosh, that sounds so 微妙... Ok whatever. I'm anti-social, sue me.

I can honestly say that I love my life here, although it could be made perfecter if my parents moved here. I don't really wanna ever go back to Singapore again, and if I miss anything, it's probably the cheapness of stuff. And if you force me to, I'll admit I do miss the chicken rice. And my BPC, which goes without saying. And cereal prawn and ZMT. Aaaaaanyway, my mom and grandma are coming in a weeks' time (which means I have less than that to complete my report!!!), so I'm pretty excited. To see them, to make them bring me for BPC and cereal prawn, to finally shop again, and TO BE ON HOLIDAY YEAHHHHH!

Aside from that, I have to admit that I've changed a little since coming here. I guess environment and social circle really do shape a person. I feel like I've become dumber ever since I started hanging out with Mai... Now other people are starting to classify me with her, even though I'm supposed to be smart. Kinda. Not to mention I've become even more carefree than before, in that I really don't care about anything anymore. I used to be such an OCD clean freak, and I still am, but not even half as much as before. And yes, my hygiene level has tragically gone down since I moved into 3WD... However, I do take pride in the fact that my neighbouring rooms are much messier/dirtier than mine (yes, Alyssa and Mai, I'm talking about you guys).

Before some people come to give me flack about my personality changing, I'd like to say that it hasn't- what was previously suppressed has merely been unleashed. I'm turning 19 in slightly over a month, and that's gonna be my last teen year already. Should I choose to remain in Japan after uni, I'd have to start 就活 in my 3rd year, meaning I'd have no choice but to buckle down, dye my hair dark, and be まじめ about life. This means I only have that little youth left, and I need to have the last of my fun before I get turned into an adullt.

Veering off topic, I realise that this blog is kinda spiralling downward. I used to care so much about views and had my peak before coming to Tokyo, with several thousand views per month. I'd write for viewers with lotsa photos, and wouldn't do wordy, personal posts like this. That's cos I was 非常に暇 back then. Now I hardly even update. I'm too busy, and I've come to want to write more because I don't keep a diary anymore. But at the same time, I don't have the time or energy to write like this very often. That's why my posts become photo dumps with captions, and only once every few weeks. I do wonder why I can so easily write all this in one sitting, but over a few days I still can't write as much as this for my report.

Anyway, I can't think of anything else I want to say (at least not on a public domain) right now, so savour this post- there probably won't be another like this for another term.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ICU祭! ICU Festival!

ICU Festival is the annual University/School festival that happens over a Saturday and Sunday on each year's Culture Day. Every school in Japan has one, and it was my first time experiencing what I've only seen in dramas/mangas.

I've actually gone to a 文化祭 before, in Singapore, at Waseda Shibuya High School. But seriously- this is the real thing. In Singapore, their school population and campus was small so there was little they could do, but here it's just. yes.

Unfortunately, I was kinda too busy eating on both days (spent so much money on food that I have nothing left for the rest of November, and November just started) to take any photos or play any games. The main highlight of both days was watching the Smooth Steppers (dance group and biggest circle in ICU) because they were SO good- good enough to watch it the second time round despite the freezing weather. Yes, it was outdoors on bakayama for an hour each time.

Highlight of Sunday was WEARING A KIMONO. Every year, the school brings in kimono people to dress foreign students in gorgeous kimonos for FREE. Most of the photos in this post will be of Barbie and I in kimonos~

Starting from day 1: this is Won, Viscuss and I in front of the LOVE structure in Shinjuku- just kidding. They made a replica of it!!! And it's so realistic that some of my friends on FB thought it was the actual thing, except that this is like half the size.

With Mai~ Viscuss gave us free Taiyaki coupons! ありがとう〜♡

ICU Angels doing their cheerleading routine~ Sadly, I don't really have any nice photos of the Smooth Steppers performance because the first time I videoed the whole thing, and the second time I was just concentrating on watching it, not from behind a screen.



With my darling Barbie~ thanks for doing this with me!!! ♡

Seriously- the obi was really tight and stuffed with countless towels, and we could barely breathe. But of course, we definitely could still eat~ I need to live up to my reputation as the 3WD glutton, right?

With Kanako, who was making/selling takoyaki.

With Palty and her free hugs~

With 16s from 3WD! Tooi and Me-teru, who's in cheerleading!

With Kazuma, because he was saying he wouldn't wear the cow suit when we saw him on day 1.

I do have more photos, but captioning every single one is tiring, and if I just upload it all here, it's the same as on FB so 意味ないじゃん。

とにかく、めっちゃ楽しかった、めっちゃおいしかった。Can't wait for next year~

All filtered photos were stolen from Barbie!!! ♡


Saturday, November 10, 2012

演芸会2012☆Engeikai 2012

Hideously overdue, I know. And scary too. But welcome to ICU Dorm Festival Engeikai, where 3WD goes crazy with costumes and makeup (I was told everyone does this, but when we got there, we were nearly the only dorm like this). Please also note how Mai is attempting to be on her clamshell phone without opening it.

In case anyone can't recognise us, it's me, Mai and Palty (Mai's roomie), as yamanba (google it) for the play.

準備中〜 Preparation time!

With some of the other 16s! Traditionally, every has white faces and black detailing. For us yamanba, we were the total opposite.

Eri, our 寮長 (dorm prez).

チャラいイケメン3人組。The 3 hot guys of 3WD.

My new boyfriend~ all the guys from the male dorms combined pale in comparison to her. XD

With my Sayaka and Me-teru ♡

Yakuza dorm presidents!

ヤクザ+ギャル 205 Roomies~

3WD power!!!!!

On stage~ can't remember who I stole this photo from m(_  _)m

So basically, 3WD's story was Momotarou, adapted to our style and more comedic. I played a gyaru who eventually becomes one of Momotarou's allies in his quest to save the girl from the Dorm Presidents (name of their gang, lmao).

2MD in their jingi poses for their finale. Yes, they are required to be topless when they do it. Yes, one of them is only wearing underwear.

Keyaki (Zelkova House). Yes, that guy is in his underwear too.

Kashinoki (Oak House). They did Totoro!

Canada House. You can't see him here, but yes- there was a guy in only underwear too.

4WD- one of the 2 or 3 other dorms that did the crazy makeup too. In fact, I think only the old girls' dorms did it...

Many dorms' plays featured Totoro, so these are 2 of them that actually came out clearly on camera.

Overall, it was really entertaining, although towards the end we were all tired and it got a little boring and I fell asleep. Trends observed: Ghibli was a prevalent theme in this year's Engeikai; every guy/co-ed dorm will have at least one nearly-naked dude in the play; several songs were used by more than one dorm. ¬_¬

Anyway, that's about all I have to say because writing a full review/recap on each performance is out of the question, considering this all happened over a month ago. Yes, this post is that overdue. At least I finally got it done and over with!

Conclusion: I love dorm life.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo update: some ICU祭, lotsa food, Canada House Ball

Recently, my style of blogging has become: upload recent photos, caption them. Since there are no classes today thanks to ICU festival (will do another post on that- one more thing to add to the blog post queue that will probably never materialise), and my Harajuku plans got cancelled, I'm just sitting in bed hiding from the cold on my MacBook writing a blogpost to upload instantly (instead of pre-written as the previous millions have been).

So this is just me after the last day of ICU festival, having ramen at Guutara with my roommate, who had Guutara without me the previous night, when I was looking for her to invite her to Guutara. ¬_¬ ひどくない?

Evening sky over ICU as the festival winds down.

Photoboothing on MacBook on a boring day with Mai choosing random photos for me to selca with.

Recently, at the end of last month, Canada House (one of the guys' dorms) had their annual ball (party). They had a promotion where if you took and uploaded a photo with one of the CH guys in their CH pants, you'd get in for ¥100 instead of ¥300! This was my photo with my classmate, who makes class extremely epic sometimes. And yes, I was still wearing shorts and slippers in the last week of October while everyone else was in scarves, coats and boots.

OOTD: leopard print sweater from F21, shorts from Levi's, slippers from Havaianas, hat free from "Take It Free" in 3WD (previously Viscuss'), belt from ASOS. Lol- hardly an OOTD.

Pre-ball in my room with Sayaka, who was in a suit cos she was bartending! カッコいいっしょー?

Mid-ball in the gakki bathroom 'cos it's bigger and cleaner than Canada House's. With my roomie and next-door neighbour (Mai's roomie)!

OOTD: bare-back blouse from TSR, high-waist denims from FEP, wedges from New Look, belt from ASOS, bangle from ASOS. Yes- I walked around outside in this on a late-October night.

Just because I've already been publicly established as the ultimate glutton of 3WD (we had a ranking, and I was apparently the only name that came up- it was unanimous...), I might as well show my recent snack haul that I finished by the subsequent day.

And a previous haul, which disappeared quickly too.

Baking in 3WD at midnight.

Yurie made hotcakes to go with the Apple Cinnamon sauce I bought!

The return of my onigiri~

Korean brownie from Barbie~

Heaven in a pastry- Beard Papa choux cream ♡

That's all I have for today, but I promise I really have photo folders on my desktop labelled "Engeikai blog", "TGC blog" and "ICUsai blog"... And more planned posts about 3WD, ICU etc. Really.