Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clean rooms, messy rooms, life as we know it and whatnot

A lot of guys ask what a girls' dorm is like. They tend to idealize an all-girl environment as flowery-smelling, pink, frilly, negligee-ridden, lotsa sweets-baking, flounciness, organised rooms and whatnot.
I hate to break your illusion, but since there aren't any guys around, girls couldn't care less and since 3WD is neither the "girly" nor "cutesy", but the "crazy" dorm, yeah...

For the record and my reputation, this is my room: I packed my table and bed, so it looks really clean and neat (now).

Incidentally, this is my roommate's side of the room (including my side too, when she was packing, because our rooms are really small).

And this is one of my neighbour's beds, or what's supposed to be her bed- except it's buried under her laundry. She wishes to stay anonymous for her reputation's sake. This isn't even the worst it's been...

I plan to do an exposé on 3WD/girls' dorms in general soon, so you'll get the full report (especially since there's virtually no information about 3WD online for prospective students) and be traumatised for life. But for now, I'm really too lazy to take any photos or write, so yeah.

It's also officially blanket season now, so I had to pull mine out from the store room. It is so humongous and possibly thicker than my futon! But oh-so-comfy and I never wanna leave my bed in the mornings anymore. Ever.

Don't know if I've done this before, but this is my most recent shelf picture. Just wanted to emphasise how much I value my cosmetics (1.5 shelves), food (1.5 shelves), and how my books only get half a shelf, which is mostly occupied by manga. My only educational resource is a Japanese grammar dictionary.

Chilling on bakayama because the weather's cool enough for that now (tends to be 11-13ºC in the mornings and 21ºC in the afternoons). See the un-greening trees? See how pretty my school is? Pretty enough for anything-nature-hating Bethany to sit on the grass daily for.

Kendo/Jousting mix going on in the entrance of 2MD.

クソ外人 (what rowdy foreigners like us are referred to as by anti-foreigners) putting their legs up on the train (yes, I'm actually friends with these people).

Making a promise with Mai, and taking a picture of it so neither of us would forget/deny we made a promise, then totally forgetting what the actual promise was once we saw this photo.

Non-dorm/ICU people tend to ask me what 2MD is, since I sometimes mention/write/talk about it. It's short for 2nd Mens' Dorm, and it's full of the  epic-est guys ever. Unfortunately, 2MD (as well as 2WD- use logic to figure it out yourself) was scheduled to close down next June, so even though I've only known them for less than 2 months, I was kinda dreading it.

BUT HOORAH!!! THE SCHOOL IS TOO POOR TO TEAR IT DOWN SO 2MD LIVES TILL JUNE 2015!!! Just nice, because then I wouldn't play around so much in my last year and focus on my graduation thesis. I think. HOORAH!!! LET'S ALL GO CELEBRATE!!! BYE.


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