Saturday, November 10, 2012

演芸会2012☆Engeikai 2012

Hideously overdue, I know. And scary too. But welcome to ICU Dorm Festival Engeikai, where 3WD goes crazy with costumes and makeup (I was told everyone does this, but when we got there, we were nearly the only dorm like this). Please also note how Mai is attempting to be on her clamshell phone without opening it.

In case anyone can't recognise us, it's me, Mai and Palty (Mai's roomie), as yamanba (google it) for the play.

準備中〜 Preparation time!

With some of the other 16s! Traditionally, every has white faces and black detailing. For us yamanba, we were the total opposite.

Eri, our 寮長 (dorm prez).

チャラいイケメン3人組。The 3 hot guys of 3WD.

My new boyfriend~ all the guys from the male dorms combined pale in comparison to her. XD

With my Sayaka and Me-teru ♡

Yakuza dorm presidents!

ヤクザ+ギャル 205 Roomies~

3WD power!!!!!

On stage~ can't remember who I stole this photo from m(_  _)m

So basically, 3WD's story was Momotarou, adapted to our style and more comedic. I played a gyaru who eventually becomes one of Momotarou's allies in his quest to save the girl from the Dorm Presidents (name of their gang, lmao).

2MD in their jingi poses for their finale. Yes, they are required to be topless when they do it. Yes, one of them is only wearing underwear.

Keyaki (Zelkova House). Yes, that guy is in his underwear too.

Kashinoki (Oak House). They did Totoro!

Canada House. You can't see him here, but yes- there was a guy in only underwear too.

4WD- one of the 2 or 3 other dorms that did the crazy makeup too. In fact, I think only the old girls' dorms did it...

Many dorms' plays featured Totoro, so these are 2 of them that actually came out clearly on camera.

Overall, it was really entertaining, although towards the end we were all tired and it got a little boring and I fell asleep. Trends observed: Ghibli was a prevalent theme in this year's Engeikai; every guy/co-ed dorm will have at least one nearly-naked dude in the play; several songs were used by more than one dorm. ¬_¬

Anyway, that's about all I have to say because writing a full review/recap on each performance is out of the question, considering this all happened over a month ago. Yes, this post is that overdue. At least I finally got it done and over with!

Conclusion: I love dorm life.


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