Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ICU祭! ICU Festival!

ICU Festival is the annual University/School festival that happens over a Saturday and Sunday on each year's Culture Day. Every school in Japan has one, and it was my first time experiencing what I've only seen in dramas/mangas.

I've actually gone to a 文化祭 before, in Singapore, at Waseda Shibuya High School. But seriously- this is the real thing. In Singapore, their school population and campus was small so there was little they could do, but here it's just. yes.

Unfortunately, I was kinda too busy eating on both days (spent so much money on food that I have nothing left for the rest of November, and November just started) to take any photos or play any games. The main highlight of both days was watching the Smooth Steppers (dance group and biggest circle in ICU) because they were SO good- good enough to watch it the second time round despite the freezing weather. Yes, it was outdoors on bakayama for an hour each time.

Highlight of Sunday was WEARING A KIMONO. Every year, the school brings in kimono people to dress foreign students in gorgeous kimonos for FREE. Most of the photos in this post will be of Barbie and I in kimonos~

Starting from day 1: this is Won, Viscuss and I in front of the LOVE structure in Shinjuku- just kidding. They made a replica of it!!! And it's so realistic that some of my friends on FB thought it was the actual thing, except that this is like half the size.

With Mai~ Viscuss gave us free Taiyaki coupons! ありがとう〜♡

ICU Angels doing their cheerleading routine~ Sadly, I don't really have any nice photos of the Smooth Steppers performance because the first time I videoed the whole thing, and the second time I was just concentrating on watching it, not from behind a screen.



With my darling Barbie~ thanks for doing this with me!!! ♡

Seriously- the obi was really tight and stuffed with countless towels, and we could barely breathe. But of course, we definitely could still eat~ I need to live up to my reputation as the 3WD glutton, right?

With Kanako, who was making/selling takoyaki.

With Palty and her free hugs~

With 16s from 3WD! Tooi and Me-teru, who's in cheerleading!

With Kazuma, because he was saying he wouldn't wear the cow suit when we saw him on day 1.

I do have more photos, but captioning every single one is tiring, and if I just upload it all here, it's the same as on FB so 意味ないじゃん。

とにかく、めっちゃ楽しかった、めっちゃおいしかった。Can't wait for next year~

All filtered photos were stolen from Barbie!!! ♡


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