Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo update: some ICU祭, lotsa food, Canada House Ball

Recently, my style of blogging has become: upload recent photos, caption them. Since there are no classes today thanks to ICU festival (will do another post on that- one more thing to add to the blog post queue that will probably never materialise), and my Harajuku plans got cancelled, I'm just sitting in bed hiding from the cold on my MacBook writing a blogpost to upload instantly (instead of pre-written as the previous millions have been).

So this is just me after the last day of ICU festival, having ramen at Guutara with my roommate, who had Guutara without me the previous night, when I was looking for her to invite her to Guutara. ¬_¬ ひどくない?

Evening sky over ICU as the festival winds down.

Photoboothing on MacBook on a boring day with Mai choosing random photos for me to selca with.

Recently, at the end of last month, Canada House (one of the guys' dorms) had their annual ball (party). They had a promotion where if you took and uploaded a photo with one of the CH guys in their CH pants, you'd get in for ¥100 instead of ¥300! This was my photo with my classmate, who makes class extremely epic sometimes. And yes, I was still wearing shorts and slippers in the last week of October while everyone else was in scarves, coats and boots.

OOTD: leopard print sweater from F21, shorts from Levi's, slippers from Havaianas, hat free from "Take It Free" in 3WD (previously Viscuss'), belt from ASOS. Lol- hardly an OOTD.

Pre-ball in my room with Sayaka, who was in a suit cos she was bartending! カッコいいっしょー?

Mid-ball in the gakki bathroom 'cos it's bigger and cleaner than Canada House's. With my roomie and next-door neighbour (Mai's roomie)!

OOTD: bare-back blouse from TSR, high-waist denims from FEP, wedges from New Look, belt from ASOS, bangle from ASOS. Yes- I walked around outside in this on a late-October night.

Just because I've already been publicly established as the ultimate glutton of 3WD (we had a ranking, and I was apparently the only name that came up- it was unanimous...), I might as well show my recent snack haul that I finished by the subsequent day.

And a previous haul, which disappeared quickly too.

Baking in 3WD at midnight.

Yurie made hotcakes to go with the Apple Cinnamon sauce I bought!

The return of my onigiri~

Korean brownie from Barbie~

Heaven in a pastry- Beard Papa choux cream ♡

That's all I have for today, but I promise I really have photo folders on my desktop labelled "Engeikai blog", "TGC blog" and "ICUsai blog"... And more planned posts about 3WD, ICU etc. Really.



  1. omg i can barely finish a box of melty kisses in one week, and then you with your.. *___* sugooiii!! & thank you for reminding me of Beard Papa!! I forgot I loveeeee their puffs<3 Btw just in case there's a 0.01% chance that you try to visit my blog, the link is broken because I changed my site back in September as a fresh start~ New one is here:

    Oh, and apparently I have an english blog too when you click on my name from this comment. But I realized I don't like blogging in English very much .__. or at least not used to it~

    1. Ohhh awesome!! Haha ohwell it's good practice for me to read in Japanese! And yeah I eat a LOT...