Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More food!

Before I actually go into the food part, I thought I'd share what I did during JLP kanji class. During the last kanji class of 2012, the teacher asked us to do some kiddy calligraphy (using a pen, not a real brush) of one kanji that represents our year. I chose 失. Ushina(u), or just plain shitsu, it's a really depressing kanji to represent a year, meaning loss. 失敗、失恋、失望- just all kind of loss and depressing stuff. Safe to say I've disturbed my teachers quite a bit.

On to the food- this is ぐうたら's seasonal special: Christmas ramen! It was only available for a few days, and limited to 25 bowls a day. It was awe. some.

Mikan (mandarin orange? tangerine?) jelly I'm addicted to and hauled 21 cups of. The following week, I got 22.

Spaghetti I cut up to resemble rice. Failed.

Orange-cassis. Isn't the division of liquids so pretty?

Cookies Alyssa and Neil baked one night.

Honey-lemon madeleines I baked one night (with Won's assistance) cos I wanted snacks but was too lazy to cycle out to get some. Somehow wasn't too lazy to bake stuff from scratch. I don't understand myself sometimes.


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